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Expert insight: What can we learn from FPL Inzaghi?

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We had a chat with FPL Inzaghi  to get some expert insight, find out what his strategy has been so far this season and what his plans are for the coming Gameweeks.

FPL Inzaghi is part of the Scout Network and FFS International. He is a big part of the FPL Twitter community and has his own YouTube channel.

He finished in the Top 14k in the 2020/21 season and is currently on the climb after a disappointing first Wildcard.

How is your season going, FPL Inzaghi?

Better now!

After a terrible early wildcard, I found myself left behind by those managers who jumped on Reece James, Ben Chilwell and Joao Cancelo in Gameweek 7 or Gameweek 8. I tried to make up ground but was hurt by late COVID postponements and found myself ranked 1.1m in Gameweek 16. However, I’ve been able to steady the ship and am now ranked at 280k, less than 100 pts outside top 50k.

How often are you taking hits this season? Is that more than you would normally take?

I’ve taken 11 hits this season, including a whopping -16 to fix issues that I had at that moment. This is slightly more than I would normally take.

I’m not averse to hits but outside Double Gameweeks I find that they rarely work out. However, with postponements and frequent changes to the fixtures, it’s made planning difficult this season!

How are you deciding who wears the captain’s armband? Form/Fixtures/Historic record against opposition etc 

If Mo Salah is playing, he typically gets the armband. Though I like to captain a Double Gameweek player if I have the choice, in which case I usually rely heavily on fixtures.

Which chips do you have left and when are you planning to use them? 

I have my Bench Boost and Triple Captain chips left.

However my Bench Boost is active for Gameweek 28. I am also planning to Triple Captain Salah in Gameweek 29. I was tempted to hold my Bench Boost until Gameweek 36 but playing it now will allow me to concentrate my funds/transfers on my starting 11 for the remainder of the season.

How are you planning to target Double Gameweek 29?

I played my Wildcard in Gameweek 26 so I’m well set up for both Double Gameweeks in 28 and 29. I have with eight Double Gameweek players in each week. I’m conscious of the fact I have no Free Hit for Gameweek 30 so I won’t overindulge in Gameweek 29, only to lose ground in Gameweek 30.

Who does FPL Inzaghi think is the best captaincy pick for Gameweek 29?

I am planning to play my Triple Captain chip on Salah in Gameweek 29. So for me he is the best captaincy option for the Double Gameweek.

Who has been your best and worst transfer in so far this season?

My best was definitely Saka in Gameweek 18. He’s scored an average of 7.6 points per game for me since I transferred him in. He also has a Double Gameweek in 29, additional fixtures to be arranged and sits top of the Season Ticker. I love the guy.

My worst transfer was an early season double up on Romelu Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo. It crippled my team structure buying them and hurt me for several Gameweeks.

Going early for James Maddison ahead of his Double Gameweek was also painful. The match against Burnley got postponed and I compounded the error by bringing in Ronaldo despite clear doubts about his fitness. Holding off on the Maddison transfer would’ve meant I could have got Bruno Fernandes in for free and captained him for his monster Gameweek 21 haul.

What is your preferred system at the moment?

With so few forwards to choose from, my favoured formation at the moment is to go big in midfield. Having five quality midfield options allows me to be flexible and make transfers around fixture swings. Doing this also hopefully means big hauls from midfielders like Salah, Son, Raphinha, Coutinho, Maddison, Bowen, Foden, etc.

Which Premier League teams does FPL Inzaghi think FPL managers be looking to target/double up on over the next 4-5 Gameweeks?

Spurs and Arsenal double in Gameweek 29 and play in Gameweek 30. This makes these two great options, especially as the fixtures that follow after Gameweek 30 look so nice. With so little upside in a Free Hit Gameweek 30, I’d save any Free Hits and just target players from these teams.

What is your target for the end of the season?

It’s always top 10k, but after a poor start, top 50k is more realistic. I’m less than 100 pts outside top 50k, so I think that is more than achievable.

One piece of FPL advice from FPL Inzaghi…

Remember FPL is a game made for having fun, make sure you enjoy it!

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