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EURO 2024 Fantasy is LIVE!

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Check out how to play EURO 2024 Fantasy using this link!

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Euro 2024 Fantasy Football Rules

In this article we take a look at the EURO 2024 Fantasy Football rules. We discuss the basics, from how to access the game and how the Matchdays work to diving into the player points system and figuring out how to work substitutions, we cover it all here.

The new summer game is here so checking out the EURO 2024 Fantasy Football rules can be extremely important. Whether you are playing for fun or aiming to pick up a great final rank, understanding how the game works will be vital.

The UEFA Gaming App

You can access EURO 2024 Fantasy via the UEFA Gaming app. The app is fantastic so we would advise you use that rather than the browser version.

To download the app type UEFA Gaming into your search engine and download it for free. You can find the app in both the App Store and Google Play.

Once downloaded be sure to make a quick and easy UEFA account, this should take a couple of minutes at most.

Once there you should see different options from Champions League, Europa and of course EURO 2024.

Click on EURO 2024, then Fantasy Football, then autofill your team and confirm it for now until we know more.

Using the menu (three little dots top right of your screen) you can access different options, including the EURO 2024 Fantasy Football rules of the game.


There are seven Matchdays in total. A Matchday can be used to describe a round, Gameweek or week.

Each Matchday (Gameweek) you can make substitutions, pick and change your captain and make transfers, things we will discuss in more detail soon.

Picking Your Team

As we can see, when it comes to picking a team you can edit your team name.

You have a budget of €100m which increases at the tournament progresses.

You can pick up to three players from each team/country, that limit also increases as the competition progresses.


You can make substitutions once the final match of a single day in a Matchday (Gameweek) is over. If some of your players don’t perform as well as expected, you can bring players who are yet to play off your bench and replace them.

TIP: Start players who play earlier in the Matchday (week) and bench the players who play towards the end of it.


Like in every most fantasy games you can make transfers before each deadline.

In the Group Stage you are allocated two free transfers to use each Matchday, you can carry just one of your transfers over to the following week.

However, when you go into the latter stages after the Groups, you cannot carry any unused transfers over.

If you want to use any more transfers above your allocated allowance then you will receive a minus four points hit.


Captaincy is also a major part of the game. Players can change captain every day of a single Matchday (round).

An example of the above is that there are five days in Matchday 1. This means that you can captain a different player five times in the opening round.

TIP: If you feel you have picked up a good return from your captain it could be wise to stick with that captain.

Scoring Points

Players can earn points for different actions in different positions. The scoring system is the same as Champions League Fantasy. For those not familiar with that then players can earn points for a player of the match award (+3 points), scoring goals from outside the box (+1 point), producing three ball recoveries (+1 point) and much more.

To check out the full list of how to earn points, you can use this link here.


The game has also provided players with two chips/boosts. Both are given to managers help maximise team points in any given week, other than Matchday 1 and Matchday 4 where we receive unlimited transfers.

The Wildcard is a chip that allows managers to make unlimited transfers until the next deadline. Those transfers will be peramanent unless you transfer them out in the rounds after.

The second chip provided is Limitless. The Limitless chip allows managers to build the perfect 15 man squad without budget restrictions for one week/Matchday only.

To check out the rules in full, head over to this page here.

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