Community XI: Captains

There is much debate in the FPL community about who to trust with the captains armband ahead of the Gameweek 9 deadline.

Should FPL managers trust Salah’s form or pick someone else entirely?

I. Fantasy Football Scout

Joe and Tom had a look at the best captaincy picks for Gameweek 9 in the latest FFScout captaincy video

II. Fantasy Football 247

FF247 published their early thoughts on who should read the captains armband for Gameweek 9

III. Pilot Flame

Pilot Flame has compared the the best captaincy’s options for the Gameweek.

IV. Football Chatbox

Not one, but two captains videos from Ryan this week. With Lukaku’s injury he’s back with his suggestions for the armband in Gameweek 9.

V. Jumpers For Goalposts

El Statto and his team talk through the best captain picks in their latest article.

VI. The Athletic

If you have a membership with the Athletic you can read Holly’s thoughts on the Gameweek 9 captaincy decision.

VII. The FPLShow

Kelly and James are joined this week by Az and The General to discuss all things FPL including captains picks

VIII. FPL Nymfria

FPL Nymfria was joined by Fergi to talk through Gameweek 9 plans, including the all important captaincy options for the Gameweek.

IX. FFScout Neale

Neale looked at Salah as captain Gameweek 9 captain

X. FPL Architect

As part of his Gameweek 9 thread FPL Architect discusses the important captaincy options.

XI. Official FPL Podcast

This weeks guests including Mark Sutherns discuss Gameweek 9 including the best captaincy options.

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