Community XI: Captaincy Gameweek 13

Gameweek 12 once again saw Salah as the most captained player in the game and with a number of the other popular captaincy options such as Kane and Ronaldo blanking

Is it as easy as always captaining Salah?

We’ve rounded up a Community XI of captaincy content to help you make an informed captaincy decision.

I. Fantasy Football Scout

Joe and Tom are back discussing captaincy for Gameweek 13 on this FFScout video.

II. Football Chatbox

Ryan talks through the best captaincy options for Gameweek 13.

III. FPL Family

Sam from the FPL Family talks through the different captaincy options for the week ahead.

IV. FPL Raptor

Ross has released his latest video over on his YouTube channel. The video previews Gameweek 13 and includes a look at the captaincy debate.

V. Eye Test FPL

In his latest Twitter thread Stevie mentions another captaincy option to go for if you want a differential captaincy option this weekend.

VI. The FPL Way

The FPL Way has written a captaincy article to help FPL managers with their captaincy decisions ahead of Gameweek 13.


Lateriser, Zophar and Bakar discussed Gameweek 13 captaincy in the latest episode of the FPL Wire.

VIII. Jumpers for Goalposts

El Statto, and the team at Jumpers for Goalposts, has once again taken a look at the captaincy decisions for this weekend.

IX. The Official FPL Podcast

This week the FPL Podcast panel look ahead to Gameweek 13. They end the pod with a discussion on captaincy for the weekends action.

X. FPL Architect

In his latest Twitter thread FPL Architect discusses all things Gameweek 13 including the captaincy options.

XI. The FPL Show

Kelly and James probe this week’s FPL Show guests for their view on the Gameweeek 13 captaincy debate.

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