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AFCON Fantasy Expert First Drafts

In this article we take a look at some AFCON Fantasy expert first drafts. Our expert AFCON Fantasy managers reveal their first draft, some of the rationale behind the players they have chosen and the teams they are investing in.

Checking out some AFCON Fantasy expert first drafts can be extremely beneficial. Knowing which players and teams our experts are investing in can give us clarity on decisions we have to make in our own teams. This can also help us with plans around chips, captaincy and transfers.



  • My first draft includes players from favourites like Senegal, Egypt, Morocco and Nigeria mainly.
  • Nigeria’ in-form player is Boniface.
  • Mo Salah, Hakimi, Atal and Kudus are locked in my team at the moment but other players may change.
  • I am planning to use the Wildcard in the second week where some favourites are playing against each other.
  • I am planning to keep Osayi Samuel as well for another other draft because he is a very explosive runner. He also made so many dangerous crosses this season with Fenerbahçe.
  • N’koudou, former Beşiktaş player is doing well in the Saudi league and has found his great form. He is another explosive player.
  • I am concerned I do not have an Ivory Coast player because they are another favourite. But the reason why I have not chosen anyone is that there has been no news on the line-up yet. I need to see their formation, they have some great players I have in mind as well.



  • I am focused on getting penalty takers (five) and players from Morocco and Algeria as I expect them to get nine points.
  • Tunisia’ defence is the best in Africa in my opinion so I am hoping on a couple of clean sheets.
  • My cheap players (Vozinha, Chepeshi and Bikoro) all have a great MD2 fixtures and they could start then for me.
  • I am excited to see the line-ups from the friendlies so that we can see who is nailed and who is not.



  • So let me talk you through how I got here so far and just to confirm this is no way set in stone.
  • GK- I decided with the new format and no auto subs or transfers during gw it’s best get a set and forget GK who I expect to go far. The back-up Gaye is hopefully a €4m starting gk.
  • DF – The plan is 352 with €4m fodder on bench. I’m still to see any guaranteed starters at that price but going by sofa score Chepeshi and El Abd have good a chance.
  • Hakimi speaks for himself and I had a draft without him but fomo set in as his upside is scary.
  • Alt-Nouri I really like as player and Nsue is I believe to be an OOP playing further up pitch.
  • MF- Kessie a home nation player and Ouattara both start at reasonable price which let’s me fit in the big guns like Salah and Ziyech. Paz is my €4.5 fodder until I find a more nailed €4.5m that is slightly more attacking.
  • CF – Osimhen to me is a no brainer and will look to use this stage for his big move hopefully to Premier League.
  • Haller again is a home nation striker who I like and Sakala is a cheap enabler with a decent record.

Players I would like

  • GK – None spring to mind and I could change to any of the highly fancied nations.
  • DF – One of the Senegalese in Koulibly or Diallo would be nice.
  • MF – Mane , Mahrez and Kudus would have been ideal but the balance of team would be really poor.
  • CF – Aboubakar is a legend but older now and I’m not sure his minutes are as guaranteed as previously. Guirassy if he played in a better team is another I like. Amoura at €5.5m looks really good up top for one of the favourites but is suspended in the first game so he is one to watch if minutes are solid on WC etc.

The rule changes and captain changes have made me stick with more cheap on bench where as before I’d have spread budget about looking for more chances of a return.



  • This is quite a balanced team with two players from each of the biggest contenders including Algeria, Senegal, Egypt and Morocco.
  • Ait Nouri is in place instead of Atal (preserved the €0.5m) and Mahrez instead of Mane (little bit of a biased choice, both are playing the talisman role in their team).
  • I did invest in defence (there is no €4m defender from a weak team) because I believe it’s very hard to score goals in AFCON, we can take the last tournament as an example as there were plenty of 0-0 draws.
  • My strategy for MD2 is to bring in Amoura (€5.5m who could be a bargain, he’s in form – scoring 13 goals in 15 matches with his club in Belgium) then to probably Wildcard in MD3 if the likes of Morocco, Algeria and Côte d’Ivoire have already qualified and rotation begins.

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