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UCL Fantasy top picks for Matchday 10

The next round of Champions League is close. We take a look at the top picks for Matchday 10. In addition, we take into consideration team and player form, fixture difficulty, minutes, fitness, heat maps and other factors to help us pick out the best options.

Taking a look at the UCL Fantasy top picks for Matchday 10 could be vital to both getting back on track or maintaining those successful starts to the campaign. We have a new set of fixtures; this can indicate different assets or highlight players even more in terms of bringing them in.

Goalkeepers – Alex Meret

Napoli have been in excellent form this season. The Italian side sit a massive 16 points clear in first place in their domestic league, a clear sign of dominance. In their last 10 matches in all competitions they have claimed an impressive six clean sheets. This is an indication that investing in their defence could be beneficial for managers.

AC Milan lay ahead in the second leg. The visitors have been inconsistent all season following their league win last campaign. A good example of this is the fact they have won just two of their last seven matches in all competitions.

Napoli have home advantage which has been significant in the first leg for most teams. This only adds to their defensive appeal in the new round. One of the ways managers could grab a piece of the backline is Alex Meret (€5m).

This season so far Meret has collected a huge 13 clean sheets in his 28 league matches. The Italian has also managed four clean sheets in his nine Champions League games so far. Meret will face AC Milan on the first day on Matchday 10. This means if he fails to return managers can rotate him to the bench and bring in their Wednesday goalkeeper.

With a home game against an inconsistent AC Milan side and playing for a strong defensive unit, Alex Meret could have solid potential and because of that makes the top picks for Matchday 10.

Thibaut Courtois

Real Madrid have had a convincing season so far both domestically and in Europe. In their last 10 matches in all competitions the Spanish side have picked up five clean sheets, better than their usual defensive form.

What is important to highlight is their ability to defend against big teams in the big games. That can be seen in the fact they have kept clean sheets in their recent matches against the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and Barcelona. This adds to their ever growing appeal in UCL Fantasy.

Real Madrid come up a against a transitioning Chelsea in Matchday 10. The Blues have been very poor in front of goal this season and we could see that in their first leg. Chelsea’s bluntness in front of goal means investing in the Real Madrid backline a very wise move.

This season domestically Thibaut Courtois (€5.9m) has bagged just seven clean sheets in 22 matches. Although that is the case the Belgian international has proved his big-game ability, keeping the opposition out in four of his seven UCL games so far.

Courtois plays on the first day of Matchday 10. This means that if he fails to return managers can rotate him out for their Wednesday goalkeeper. Against a blunt Chelsea failing to click offensively and playing for a team who thrive in the latter stages of the competition, Courtois eases his way into the top picks for Matchday 10.

Andre Onana

Inter have been inconsistent this season domestically. More recently in their last 10 matches in all competitions they have won just three. In that same period they also kept four clean sheets which highlights the fact they are defensively capable.

Similar to Real Madrid, Inter thrive in cup games. The Italian side have grit and experience which bolsters their chances in any given game. Inter have also managed to keep three clean sheets in their last three Champions League matches which is hugely impressive considering how deep into the competition we are.

Benfica lay ahead in the next round. Although superior in their own league they failed to convert their domestic dominance into their first leg in the last round. Benfica looked like they were struggling to create goals and this adds to the appeal of the Inter defence, especially when considering they play at home this time around.

Andre Onana (€5m) has proven to be very good goalkeeper this season and that has shown in the fact he has now cemented a first team position. To highlight his big-game ability Onana has claimed a huge six clean sheets in the nine Champions League matches he has played so far.

Playing for a team who know how to grind out a win and suffocate their opponents, Onana comes in at a fantastic price-tag in comparison to those that remain in his position. Taking everything into account Onana has to be considered amongst the top picks for Matchday 10.

Defenders – Giovanni Di Lorenzo

We have already seen that Napoli have been in top form both domestically and in Europe this season. The Serie A title looks inevitable and so their attention will fully turn to the Champions League. Another detail we have covered is the fact that they have claimed six clean sheets in their last 10 matches, making their backline an extremely interesting proposition.

Napoli face an AC Milan team who have failed to continue their title winning form from last season. They also play the fellow Italian side at home which is another factor increasing the appeal of their defensive assets.

Giovanni Di Lorenzo (€5.3m) offers a lot more than clean sheet potential though. The full-back hit one goal and five assists in his 21/22 league campaign. This season the Napoli captain looks to be improving on that with two goals and four assists already with plenty of time to add to that.

Di Lorenzo has also had a brilliant Champions League campaign as well. The Italian has picked up six returns in his nine matches so far but what is worth highlighting is his explosiveness. In the same six matches Di Lorenzo bagged a whopping four double-digit hauls, making him an absolute must going forward.

As we can see from Di Lorenzo’s heat map above, he loves to advance forward. We can also see heavy positioning in the oppositions box which emphasises his appetite to move forward and get into some of the most dangerous positions on the pitch.

Di Lorenzo faces his opponent at home which is a boost to his potential. In the first leg he looked dangerous, hitting two shots on target. The full-back was unlucky to not pick up a return in Matchday 10 so it could be extremely difficult to exclude him.

Dani Carvajal

Real Madrid thrive in the latter stages of the Champions League and that helps when looking to invest in their defence. In the last 10 matches the Spanish side have banked five clean sheets but considering three of those were against Chelsea, Liverpool and Barcelona, there are clear signs they improve playing against bigger teams.

We have already touched upon Chelsea’s inability to score goals at the moment. This was seen in the first leg when the Blues struggled to get many shots on target. Their poor form boosts the appeal of the already high interest in the Spanish sides backline.

Whilst there has been plenty of rotation in defence for Real Madrid as of late, one player seems to play on every big occasion, Dani Carvajal (€5.4m). The Spanish right-back has already managed five returns in his eight Champions League matches so far, picking up an assist in the process.

Above is an image of Carvajal’s current Champions League campaign. We can see that he plays most of his gametime in the oppositions half which increases the likelihood of hitting attacking returns.

There isn’t much attacking threat from the Real Madrid backline but Carvajal looks to be the most likely if they were to come. At a fair price, playing for the Champions League serial winners and against a poor offensive line, Carvajal is an easy inclusion into the top picks for Matchday 10.

Ruben Dias

Although Manchester City are second in the Premier League they are still fighting on all fronts looking for multiple silverware this season. There have been a couple of rocky patches this season but Manchester City look to be finding their feet and playing to the ability we all know they are capable of.

In their last 10 matches in all competitions Manchester City are unbeaten. In that same period they also kept an impressive six clean sheets. What is clear is that their defence is reliable and that looks like it will only improve.

Manchester City face Bayern in Matchday 10. In the first leg the home side dismantled the German Giants, limiting the threat of the free-scoring side and claiming a well earnt clean sheet. One player who looked a huge threat was Ruben Dias (€5.6m).

The Portuguese centre-back got himself into some great positions in the Bayern box and should have come away with an attacking return. Dias proved a huge presence in the final third on set pieces and with clean sheet potential as well could be a great pick for Matchday 10.

Denzel Dumfries

Inter may have kept just four clean sheets in their last 10 matches in all competitions but they have shown that in the Champions League they are much more convincing defensively. This can be reflected in the fact that they have collected a clean sheet in all of their last three Champions League games.

They face a home game against Benfica in Matchday 10. Inter were fantastic defensively in the first leg, completely shutting out a rampant Benfica attack. Because of this their backline is even more appealing. The fact that they are already 2-0 up suggests they also have a very good chance of progressing as well.

Inter play with a back-three system which allows their wing-backs into some of the most advanced positions on the pitch. Although there has been plenty of rotation amongst the wing-backs this season, Denzel Dumfries (€5.3m) could be cementing his place within the starting 11.

Dumfries has now started the last five out of six games for Inter, the one game he did not start was a cup game. This could indicate that the Dutchman could be a reliable way into the Inter defence. Not just this but Dumfries has plenty to get excited about.

As we can see Dumfries has one of the most promising heatmaps around. Not only does he spend more time in the opponents half but he also utilises a lot of time and positioning in the oppositions box.

Dumfries has goal threat potential and he has already managed to find the net in his current Champions league campaign. He caused Benfica a lot of problems in the first leg and should have scored. With a great home fixture and a lot of positioning in the opponents box Dumfries makes the top picks for Matchday 10.

Alejandro Grimaldo

Benfica have been consistent for most of the season. The Portuguese side sit seven points clear at the top of their domestic league. In their last 10 matches they have banked five clean sheets, which is below their usual standard but still impressive when compared to other teams in the UCL.

With the return of key figure Nicolas Otamendi at the back for their second leg, their inconsistent opponents Inter, could have trouble breaking them down. This could indicate that buying into the Benfica defence a good idea.

As well as solid clean sheet potential, Alejandro Grimaldo (€5.4m) can be a thorn in the side of any defence in Europe. Last season domestically the full-back picked up five goals and five assists, totalling to 10 attacking returns.

This season Grimaldo has already matched that goal contributions tally with two goals and a huge eight assists. The left-back has also shown his attacking capabilities in his current Champions League campaign, scoring two goals and producing three assists.

Grimaldo could be considered as one of the best offensive defenders in world football so going without him in any given game could be a massive opportunity missed. Taking everything into account Grimaldo is a shoe-in in the top picks for Matchday 10.

Midfielders – Khvicha Kavaratskhelia

Napoli’s overall form means investment here is key. In their last 10 matches Napoli have won seven times, losing just three. This serves as a reminder that they are fully capable of turning any tie on its head, especially with their frontline.

In the same 10-match period as above Napoli have netted 17 times, averaging 1.7 goals per game, much lower than their usual average. One reason for that could be due to their main man Victor Osimhen being injured. However, Osimhen has been cleared to start the second leg which will only benefit his partner in crime.

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia (€5.9m) will be hoping to return to his usual relentless output with the return of Osimhen. The Georgian has had a fantastic season overall. In his current domestic campaign the winger has banked an impressive 12 goals and 10 assists, totalling to 22 goals contributions in 25 games and highlighting his multiple routes to points.

Above is an image of Kvaratskhelia’s heatmap from the current UCL campaign. We can see that unlike other midfielders in the game he plays as a left sided forward. With huge positioning in the oppositions box the Georgian comes close to goal on a regular basis.

Not only is Kavaratskhelia in great form this season but he also takes his sides penalties, giving him an additional route to points. With both halves of Napoli’s deadly duo back, the winger can only benefit and with all of that in mind, eases into the top picks for Matchday 10.

Vinicius Junior

Real Madrid have convinced in the UCL so far and look like one of the favourites to win the whole thing. The Spanish side may have won just five of their last 10 matches in all competitions but they have proved their domestic form has no effect on them when playing in Europe.

In their nine Champions League matches so far Real Madrid have scored a cool 23 goals, averaging to a huge 2.5 goals scored per game. This indicates that not only is investing in the Real Madrid frontline beneficial but it is absolutely essential.

Their opponents Chelsea have been maintaining some concerning form. The Blues have lost half of their last 10 matches in all competitions whilst conceding 11 goals, averaging 1.1 conceded per match. After Real Madrid comfortably beat Chelsea in Matchday 9, it seems inevitable they repeat that even away from home.

Vinicius Junior (€10.2m) should be in every single team moving forward. The Brazilian could be considered as one of the best attackers in world football. Last season Junior racked up a huge 17 goals and 10 assists leading to 27 returns in 35 games.

This season his domestic form has continued as strong with nine goals and six assists. If that wasn’t enough Junior has already collected a massive six goals and four assists in his nine UCL matches, returning at a premium level.

Going without Vinicius Junior could be catastrophic to mini-league position and overall rank. His European form and output is up there with some of the best, if not the best and for this is an essential inclusion into the top picks for Matchday 10.

Joao Mario

Benfica should not be underestimated, even after losing the first leg against Inter 2-0. In terms of Benfica’s form the Portuguese side are up there with some of the best. In their last 10 games in all competitions they bagged eight wins.

Benfica scored 24 goals averaging to 2.4 goals scored per game in their last 10. They are putting up some great scoring stats and it could be unwise to exclude their attackers, especially against an inconsistent Inter.

The best and most cost-effective way into the frontline is Joao Mario (€6.6m). The winger is having the season of his life. This season in the league Mario has banked a whopping 17 goals and six assists in 26 matches.

As well as having a fine domestic campaign Mario has managed to covert his form into Europe. In the nine Champions League matches he has played the midfielder struck six goals and two assists, accumulating to eight goal contributions in nine games.

Not only has Mario been consistent in UCL Fantasy but he has also collected three double-digit hauls. Considering his enabling price-tag, the fact he takes his teams penalties and his premium form, Mario has to keep his place in all of our fantasy teams.

Kevin De Bruyne

Things are looking great for Manchester City after they comfortably dismantled a strong Bayern side 3-0 in Matchday 9. To highlight their form, in their last 10 matches in all competitions they have won a huge nine and drawn once, remaining unbeaten.

During the same period as above Manchester City also found the net a monstrous 35 times. This averages out at an incredible 3.5 goals scored per game which is the best amongst Europe’s elite clubs. Because of this and the fact that there is a huge chance they progress, further investment into Manchester City’s relentless attack is advised.

Other than the obvious, another way into the frontline is Kevin De Bruyne (€10.5m). The Belgian has proved to be a key contributor towards Manchester City’s success for years. A good example of this is in his previous domestic campaign he banked 15 goals and eight assists.

This season De Bruyne has picked up where he left off scoring five assists and creating a huge 14 assists. This tallies to 19 goal contributions in 27 games. His Champions League form needs some work to hit his usual standard but he’s still collected one goal and three assists in six games.

Taking free kicks and supporting the deadliest striker in Europe is enough but against a Bayern team who could leave plenty of space in search for a smash and grab Kevin De Bruyne walks into the top picks for Matchday 10.

Leroy Sane

Bayern have been below their usual standard this season but they have still comfortably dispatched teams like Barcelona, Inter and PSG in their search for Champions League glory. One of their biggest strengths is scoring goals.

In their last 10 matches in all competitions Bayern have scored 21 goals with an average of 2.1 per game. Again, this could be viewed as good but it is still below their usual rate. Bayern posed little threat to Manchester City in leg one but one player that did was Leroy Sane (€9.3m).

The German international has faced rough patches this season. However, the Champions League is where he thrives. Last campaign Sane bagged six goals and six assists, accumulating to 12 returns in 10 UCL matches.

This campaign, although not as good as his last, Sane has still picked up four goals and one assist in seven matches. Sane was Bayern’s best performer against Manchester City and that was telling from his four shots on target and three key passes during the game.

Fired up after recent controversy and playing against his former club Sane could shine again. Taking all of the factors into account Sane squeezes into the top picks for Matchday 10.

Victor Osimhen

Napoli’s seven wins in the last 10 matches is just one example of how far they have come as a team this season. Their also scoring plenty of goals which indicates that investing in their attack could be crucial going into Matchday 10.

AC Milan lay ahead and after a 1-0 loss away from home Napoli will be looking to correct that with a home game next up. Milan have shown huge defensive inconsistencies this season and with Napoli’s main man back, could crumble.

Napoli have struggled without the injured Victor Osimhen (€8.1m). However, the Napoli manager has confirmed that he will be ready to face their domestic rivals. Last season Osimhen hit 14 goals and two assists, tallying to 16 returns in 27 games.

The current season looks to be Osimhen’s breakout year. The Nigerian has scored a huge 21 goals and created four assists meaning he totals 25 goal contributions in 23 matches. He also showed his qualities in his most recent UCL game as well where he scored a brace in the round of 16.

At a fantastic price and playing for a team used to scoring plenty of goals the relentless Osimhen could single handily turn the tie around and because of this eases his way into the top picks for Matchday 10.

Karim Benzema

Real Madrid go into Matchday 10 with a two goal cushion but it arguably should have been more. The Spanish side will be hoping to please the fans and further punish a poor Chelsea backline. Real Madrid are averaging plenty of goals this campaign.

The biggest contributor towards his sides goals is Karim Benzema (€10.8m). The Frenchman has solidified himself as one of the best strikers to ever grace the game. In his 21/22 league season Benzema bagged a whopping 27 goals and 12 assists leading to a monstrous 39 returns in 32 games.

In that same campaign Benzema also netted 15 goals and created two assists accumulating to 17 attacking returns in 12 Champions League matches. His top form has transferred into the current season as well.

This season Benzema has picked up 18 goals in La Liga and the Champions League combined. To highlight his recent form the French striker has also hit 10 goals and two assists. Taking his teams penalties, in fantastic form and playing against an unstable Chelsea makes Benzema an absolute must for Matchday 10.

Erling Haaland

Winning nine of their last 10 matches, remaining unbeaten and averaging 3.5 goals per game in the same period shows the powerful form that Manchester City are in. Finding and buying the focal point to the attack is absolutely detrimental for UCL managers.

The player that has contributed heavily to those impressive numbers is Erling Haaland (€11.1m). The Norwegian has banked 30 goals and five assists this season. This tallies up to 35 goal contributions in 27 games.

If that wasn’t enough then Haaland is also having a very strong Champions League tournament. In the seven games he has played he has found the net 11 times whilst also creating one assist. With 12 returns in seven UCL games if it wasn’t clear already, Haaland is an absolute must-own and there is now way around that.

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