Son v Kane: Who is the best pick from Spurs?

Together they are the Premier Leagues most deadly strike partnership. However, with Son Heung-Min (£10.8m) and Harry Kane (£12.2m) priced so highly, owning both creates a headache for FPL managers. We assess which of the Spurs assets, Son v Kane, is the best pick ahead of Double Gameweek 29 and beyond.

Kane’s pass to Son in Gameweek 27 saw the Son duo become the all time record holders for goal combinations. Their 37 combinations makes them the most effective attacking partnership in Premier League history.

Spurs play twice in Double Gameweek 29 against Manchester United and Brighton. FPL managers without a remaining Free Hit chip will also be pleased to note that Spurs play in Blank Gameweek 30.

Son v Kane: Underlying Stats

Goals and assists

Son has returned ten goals so far this season, two more than team mate Kane. The South Korean has also returned seven assists so far this season, four more than Kane who has three.

Kane (left) v Son (right) courtesy of the Fantasy Football Scout members area

However, in the last six Gameweeks Kane and Son have both registered four attacking returns.

Courtesy of the Fantasy Football Scout members area

Kane has returned three goals and one assist in the last six Gameweeks, with Son registering two goals and two assists. Kane has however played every minute in the last six Gameweeks where as Son has failed to start once and been substituted twice playing 437 minutes.

Expected totals

Son and Kanes expected assist (xA) tally in the last six Gameweeks is very similar. Son has an xA of 1.44 in comparison to Kanes 1.36. However, for expected goals (xG) and expected gaol involvement (xGI) Kane’s tally’s are significantly better.

Courtesy of the Fantasy Football Scout members area

Over the course of the 2021/22 season so far the stats remain the same. Son beats Kane for xA however, Kane beats Son for both xG and xGI

Penalty are touches and shots

Kane has had 122 penalty area touches in his 24 appearances so far this season. Teammate Son has had 108 touches in his 22 games.

Kane has had 79 goal attempts so far this season with Son having had 53 shots. Kane has had 19 big chances in comparison to Sons 15, with Kane averaging a shot every 26.1 minutes and Son every 36.3 minutes.

Son v Kane: Heat Maps

Heat Maps courtesy of the Fantasy Football Scout members area

Son v Kane: Ownership

Son is currently owned by 20.6% of FPL managers, with Kane owned by 15.2% of managers. Neither of their ownerships are particularly high, especially considering that Spurs play twice in Gameweek 29 and have a fixture in Gameweek 30.

However, in the top 10k of FPL managers Kane is owned by 39.24% of managers, compared to 40.87% for Son.

Just 353 managers in the top 10k own both Son and Kane making both of them a differential combination for managers to attack.

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Son V Kane: Who to pick?

Both Son and Kane look like good picks in FPL for Gameweek 29, especially for managers who do not have a Free Hit chip for Gameweek 30. However, with the midfielder spots easy to fill this season, Kane could be the best target.

Forwards this season have been disappointing in terms of their points returns and with many failing to inspire the Lily White could be the perfect pick. If budget is an issue however, £1.5m cheaper Son also offers great potential for the coming weeks.

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