UCL Fantasy Season 21/22 Review

The UCL Fantasy season is now over. In this UCL Fantasy season 21/22 review we look back at the highs and lows of the campaign.

Matchday 1

Total points: 68

Highlights: The Dortmund trio of Haaland captain, Meunier and Bellingham really helped in achieving an ok start to my 21/22 campaign, the Bellingham 15 pointer was especially huge.

Low points: My differential En-Nesyri from Sevilla managed to not only earn but miss a penalty but also received a red card, awful.

Matchday 2

Highlights: Here my limitless chip was active so it was a fun week, even more so when Salah and Sane returned a massive 16 points each and both claimed player of the match awards.

Low points: Other than Sane and Salah returning the rest were quite underwhelming, especially from my Atalanta players Gosens and Malinovskyi who played against Young Boys.

Matchday 3

Highlights: This was also the week I used my second chip, the Wildcard. I set myself up well for the weeks to come and the same players in Sane and Salah came through once with a huge 18 and 13 points respectively. Along with a huge 13 pointer from Cancelo of Man City. It also helped that clean sheets from Chelsea and Salzburg came through, 101 points that week.

Low points: Captaining Benzema returned me 18 points but my constant performers returned more so It was a case of not backing them with the armband, but otherwise no complaints.

Matchday 4

Highlights: 111 points and my highest total of the campaign this season courtesy of a Lewandowski 36 point captaincy, 4/5 clean sheets including another huge 13 point haul from Cancelo. A great week where even Danjuma my differential came in.

Low points: A tough week to find a low point but if there was one it would have been the ever reliable Salah of Liverpool not returning.

Matchday 5

Highlights: My differential in Tsimikas paid off along with a captain return from Benzema but it was a struggle to find more than that this week.

Low points: This was one of my worst match days. Bayern, Dortmund and Salzburg assets all let me down and for that reason I had a rough week. Even worse was that Pedro Porro who I sold due to him playing v Dortmund actually returned a huge 13 points the matchday I sold him.

Matchday 6

Highlights: Bringing in Mbappe and captaining was a massive turning point in my season, returning 30 points when a large chunk of other elite players chose to captain Salah and Lewandowksi who both returned less than 8 points was massive.

Low points: The moment I realised that picking Adeyemi from Salzburg over Haller from Ajax prevented me from hitting the top 100 players in the world.

Round 16 1st leg

Highlights: Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea all kept clean sheets in the same week for the first time and the campaign.

Low points: Bringing Haller in from Ajax failed and it felt like I was chasing his group stage points that I missed out on. Ajax were also disappointing in terms of bringing in any assets too that week.

Round 16 2nd Leg

Highlights: Choosing between Salah captaincy and Lewandowski captaincy went down to the wire and it was 50/50 so when I captained Lewandowski over Salah and the Bayern star returned a very rare 48 points I was really thankful. That decision had a swing of 44 points and could really have ended my goal for the season in that very moment.

Low points: My Ajax players once again blanked and then went crashing out of the competition.

Quarter Final 1st Leg

Highlights: My new signing Luis Diaz of Liverpool returned a cool 12 points along with the ever reliable Benzema with a massive 18 points to see off an ok matchday.

Low points: Triple Chelsea was always going to be hit or miss but completely failed along with a captain fail from Lewandowski.

Quarter Final 2nd Leg

Highlights: A triple Man City clean sheet really stopped my matchday becoming a disaster so that I really appreciate.

Low Points: All of my Liverpool players got rotated along with a terrible fantasy performance by Bayern meant that I had a pretty bad week overall.

Semi Final 1st Leg

Highlights: A great overall week with the Liverpool triple defence really helping out, that mixed with Kevin De Bruyne captaincy of 22 points meant I had a great matchday.

Low points: It was a week that was hard to complain about but one thing that could have really helped was Man City keeping a clean sheet, that however was far away from happening as the had conceded 3 goals to Real Madrid in a game to remember.

Semi Final 2nd Leg

Highlights: A tough week but Mahrez came in with a goal to save a tough matchday from going even worse.

Low points: Choosing to captain Kevin De Bruyne over Benzema was effectively a huge factor in deciding rank that matchday, for that reason was a defining moment towards the end of the season for everybody.


Highlights: Choosing Courtois over Alisson was very much a 50/50 decision and it worked out much better for me as he came away with 12 points including player of the match.

Low points: I heavily backed Liverpool assets and it didn’t work out at all.

Final Rank and Summary

After a great season I managed a top 1% finish with an overall rank of 408 in the world out of 1.5 million players, a very strong rank whilst also coming 2nd in Wales. Overall a season I was very much over the moon with.

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