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Gameweek 12 Wildcard

Ryan and the Football Chatbox panel have been sharing their thoughts and plans for a Gameweeek 12 Wildcard.

Note: This was a wildcard team made with the combined thoughts of the Football Chatbox Panel based of the team value available to the Panel team which was at 102.2M 

Having said that lets get into breaking down the team and our thought process. We have tried to take into consideration some popular players that managers might have and the value they might have stored in them already like Antonio or Livramento and therefor kept them as they still offer good value going forward.


Ramsdale (ARS 4.7m)

Ramsdale is currently 3rd for Mins Per Save in the last 4GW’s and therefor gets the nod for the team going forward. Even though the upcoming fixtures look tricky ARS have improved defensively over the last 4GWs and are 8th for defense at 4.15 xGC. Ramsdale also has the added bonus points possibility over some other keepers which is why we have chosen him.

Foster (WAT 4.1m)

The cheapest starting goalkeeper makes Foster an easy selection in this team. 

Notable Mentions

Guaita (CRY 4.6m)

Crystal Palace have a really nice upcoming fixture run and they have looked solid in the last 4GW’s and are currently second for xGC over the last 4 at 3.1.


Trent Alexander-Arnold (LIV 7.7m)

Trent at this point is probably a must have given his attacking threat which was showcased in the last gameweek. He currently has the most double digit returns for any defender this season at 4. The only reason you might not want to go for Trent is because you want to be able to get a Son + Ronaldo combo in your team or of some similar value. Even then we would recommend Trent as a must have premium player. 

Reece James (CHE 5.9m)

Reece James is currently the 3rd highest defender in the game and is very attacking for Chelsea. His appeal should only get boosted more with the imminent arrival of Lukaku as it becomes a target he can cross to in the box. 

Joao Cancelo (MCI 6.5m)

The highest scoring defender in the game means it’s a must we get him in. Apart from that Cancelo has played every game for City this season with him not completing 90mins in only one game for City. The ability for him to play both LB and RB boosts his appeal over someone like walker who can only play RB. City also have a good fixture run during the Christmas period which makes him the best city defender to own.

Tino Livramento (SOU 4.5m)

Currently the favoured 4.5m defender with Southampton being top for xGC over the last 4GW’s makes Livramento a good pick. He is also owned by 22.7% of players who already own some value in him already. If you are one of those managers, I would hold him.  

Konstantinos Tsimikas (LIV 3.9m)

This is the risky pick of the defenders we are suggesting but he is a great enabler for us to fill other positions in midfield. With news that Robertson could be out for some time we have decided to go for the triple up of Liverpool players with us choosing Tsimikas over Jota. If Tsimikas looks likely to get a good number of games, then he would be the player we would recommend between him and Jota. 

Notable Mentions

Tyrick Mitchell (CRY 4.5m)

Just like Guaita, Mitchell is a great option with Crystal Palace having some great fixtures upcoming and have also proved that they can handle themselves defensively after having already played some of the tougher fixtures. 


Mohamed Salah (LIV 13.0m)

The best player in the league right now. Should be the first name on the team sheet. 

Son Heung-min (TOT 10.3m)

Spurs are top of the season ticker for the next 6 gameweeks. Between the choice of Kane and Son we have decided to go for Son since he is 1.9m cheaper and keeps our squad a bit more in a better shape. Both options are good picks, and it depends on your team choice on who you pick.

Phil Foden (MCI 8.3m)

Manchester City have one of the better upcoming fixtures as mentioned before and Foden is our attacking choice from this team. He will get the occasional benching as Pep Roulette kicks in. However, we will need to take that on the chin and move forward as the attacking returns he could give us would outweigh the one or two benching’s. 

Conor Gallagher (CRY 5.8m)

Gallagher is currently one of the cheaper midfield options who have good fixtures upcoming. His recent performances have boosted his appeal and his underlying stats are also matching the eye test. Between ESR and Gallagher we would recommend going for Gallagher given that he has the better stats and fixtures. 

Leandro Trossard (BHA 6.5m)

We have decided to take a punt on Trossard who recently has been performing well. He is third for xGI in the last 4GW’s at 2.54. He also has the second highest goal attempts in the last 4GWs with only Salah ahead of him. Brighton also have a decent fixture run upcoming. 

Notable Mentions

Diogo Jota (LIV 7.5m)

With Firmino looking most likely that he is going to be out for most of the December fixtures makes Jota a pick to consider. If Tsimikas looks like he won’t get many games due to Robertson’s injury being a small one, then we would recommend getting Jota. Liverpool are currently the best attacking team in the league and we know what to expect from Liverpool compared to some other teams which we may still be unsure about. 


Michail Antonio (WHU 8.2m)

The second most owned player in the game and still one of if not probably the only consistent striker we have these days. At this point a majority of managers hold quite a lot of value in Antonio if you’ve held him from the start. Even though the upcoming fixtures look tricky and Antonio hasn’t returned in the last two gameweeks, he still passes the eye test and is involved in Westham’s attacking play and therefore we recommend keeping him if you have him. 

Callum Wilson (NEW 7.3m)

With Wilson teaming up with his former manager and with 3 of Newcastle’s next 4 games looking good. This makes Wilson a good second striker option. Also given that we couldn’t afford to have both Son and Ronaldo means we have had to pick a decent second striker instead. There aren’t many really good options at the moment in this price point and if you could afford a premium striker we would recommend going for the Premium, if you couldn’t though then Wilson is a good pick.

Joe Gelhardt (LEE 4.5m)

4.5m enabler pick. This could potentially be anyone you want but we went for Gelhardt since he looked good when he played for Leeds against Wolves, and we are hoping he can maybe bring a few points and price rises over the fixture run.

Notable Mentions

Harry Kane (TOT 12.2m) / Cristiano Ronaldo (MUN 12.4m)

Both have really good upcoming fixtures and if you didn’t go for Son and can afford a Kane then you could potentially go for Kane, and if you needed to remove Kane because it didn’t work then you can move him out for Ronaldo whose fixtures look to be really good from GW16 onwards. 

If you would like to see the full discussion about the wildcard team and our thoughts on the players you can check the video link below, and if you would like to support the channel feel free to subscribe ?.

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