FPL Community: The Watford Forwards

FPL Mihir has taken a look at the Watford forwards in his latest Twitter thread. You can view the thread here.

A Short Thread on Watford forwards Emmanuel Dennis (5.3) and Josh King (5.6) and why they are great options for our FPL teams and going under the radar.

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First things first these are the fixtures for Watford in the upcoming weeks which as we can see are not that good barring the Leicester City game but due to their pricing we can afford to bench them vs Man City and Chelsea

The key attraction towards these options is the fixture run in from Gw 16 to Gw 19 are really great as we can see below and we can easily start them in the busy December period and we don’t have to break the bank to get them into our FPL teams


These are the heatmaps of Dennis (left) and King (Right) As we can see below/above King plays as the more central and is in the box at most times and the probability of him scoring a goal is higher than Dennis who tracks back a lot at most times.

There is also a good chance Josh King will be on penalties after Sarr missed 2 penalties against Manchester United Some Key stats.

Josh King so far this season has scored 4 goals and 2 assists from an xGi of 5.05 which shows he has pretty much performed as expected.

Emmanuel Dennis has scored 4 goals and 5 assists from an xGi of 2.69 which shows that he has overperformed his expected data by a lot so far and it will be hard for him to continue performing at the current level in the future.

Since Raineri took over in Gw 8, Dennis has most pts since then amongst forwards. King 3rd most. Benteke is between them Dennis 30, Benteke 26, King 25. Another good stat here is mentioned by my friend @goweramg

Minutes risk

The current manager Raineri took over Watford in Gameweek 8 so I think checking minutes before that under the old manager isn’t viable so after Gameweek 8.

Dennis has started 3 games and came off the bench in one game and not had a feature in one game whereas Josh King has played 90 minutes in each game except the first game against Liverpool which shows King is more secured of minutes than Dennis Verdict

Due to their price points if we go for one of these guys it is easy to go big at the back with them, I would be prioritizing King over Dennis as he has been proven to be more nailed and has the off chance of being on penalties and minutes will be crucial during this Christmas period The stats of King are also superior.

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