Introducing the Fanteam UEFA Champions League Fantasy €250,000 Game

Champions League Fantasy

Fantasy Football Community are partnered with Fanteam for their Champions League Fantasy games and can’t wait to get involved in their €250,000 group stage tournament!

Champions League Fantasy Bann

Fanteam is the best place to put your money where your mouth is and win real cash prizes for playing Champions League Fantasy.

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If you are part of the fantasy community, you’ve probably heard of Fanteam. For us, if you enjoy playing FPL then you might as well play Fanteam Champions League as well. Fanteam provides a very good product to win money by playing Champions League fantasy. You can play Champions League Fantasy for cash, through a fully regulated company.

The Fanteam season game has capacity for 15,000 entries and it is competitive. If you are the type of fantasy manager who consistently finishes in the top 100k, or even higher such as the top 10k, then you should do very well playing this Fanteam Champions League fantasy game. The FPL and Fanteam formats are very similar formats so you can transfer those skills straight across.

UCL Fantasy Prizepool

FanTeam are bringing Champions League fantasy football back to our lives with a bang and offering a €250,000 guaranteed prize pool contest, which will cover the Group Stages only.

Champions League Fantasy Prizepoo

Give Fanteam a chance: it’s just €25 entry, with a €250,000 prize pool: that’s excellent value for money. You may have played cash leagues in the past with friends or family, for an entry of £5-£20. Here you can win far bigger prizes from a similar entry fee.

First prize is a huge €50,000 with €25,000 going to second-place and €15,000 to third. With managers ranked in the top 1,744 taking home a cash prize of a minimum of €35.

Finishing in the top 24 will guarantee you €1,000 in winnings, from your €25 entry. There is a maximum of 15,000 seats available, however, the €250,000 prize pool is guaranteed, even if the contest does not fill.

Champions League Fantasy Rules

The game rules are simple and closely follow their €1M Fantasy Premier League game format and the Fantasy Premier League game. You will need to build a a squad of 15 players using your 100M budget, but like FPL, you can select a maximum of 3 players from any one team.

Champions League Fantasy Rules

Unlike their season-long Premier League game, however, there are no wildcards and no price changes in this tournament. It’s also worth noting that you will have 2 free transfers available each Gameweek and any additional transfer will cost -4 points. It’s possible to save up to a maximum of 4 transfers.

You can make unlimited changes to your Gameweek 1 team until the first match kicks off at 17:55 BST on the 20th of October, 2020. Please note that from Gameweek 2 onwards, the deadline will be 90 minutes before the first match kicks off – so don’t get caught out!

UCL Fantasy Scoring

For anyone who plays the FanTeam 1M season-long Premier League game and FPL, the scoring system will already be familiar to you.

Champions LeagueScoring

Goalkeepers earn 0.5 points per save, which is more generous than the one point per three saves on the FPL scoring matrix. Fouls leading to a goal can net minus points for a player, as well as causing a penalty. Players are awarded 1 point if their team “wins” during the period they’re on the pitch, 0 if they “draw” and -1 point if they “lose”.

How to Enter

If you are interested in getting involved, hit the link and register your free Fanteam account. The €250,000 Champions League Group Stage tournament can be found in their Lobby, under the ‘Football’ tab and creating your team couldn’t be simpler, with familiar player pricing and multiple formations available.

As previously mentioned, players will not rise or fall in price; this allows you to budget accordingly for the weeks ahead without having to worry about risers and fallers. Don’t forget to select a captain, as he will score you double points – and choose  a vice-captain for backup, just in case your captain fails to make an appearance.

Once you’re satisfied you’ve found the best combination of squad players, submit your team for an entry fee of just €25 and guide your team to a top cash payout place. Click the banner below to register or log in to your FanTeam account.FANTEAM CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FANTASY FOOTBALL

More reasons to join FanTeam

Your entry will be even better value when you consider the Sportsbook deposit bonus for new Fanteam users. When depositing your €25 entry for the season long game, use the code WELCOME150, you’ll get an additional €30 on the Fanteam Sportsbook. On the sportsbook, you can bet more traditionally on outcomes of football matches and the odds provided by Fanteam are always very competitive, compared to more traditional bookmakers.

Sportsbook Bonus

Here at Fantasy Football Community, we are also running an exclusive offer for NEW FANTEAM CUSTOMERS. Create a brand new Fanteam account on this link, deposit €25 and enter the €250,000 Champions League Fantasy game before Friday 16th October. Then drop us a message on Twitter with your FanTeam username and we will add a FREE TICKET to the GW5 Fanteam €100,000 Weekly Monster worth €20.

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