Community XI: Fantasy Premier League Captain Tips


With double points at stake, the community share their Fantasy Premier League Captain Tips and Strategy.

Who will your FPL Gameweek 1 captain be? There’s great options!

I) 343

FPL 343 studies our favoured four premium captain options over the first 12 gameweeks, to pinpoint who we need to own from a captaincy perspective. Aubameyang looks to be the best captain option in Gameweek 2.

II) Plonker

The Fantasy Plonker Podcast duo study the key statistics of captain options Salah, Sterling and Kane. They’ve got different merits in these statistics, with Salah dominating most of the categories.

III) Renegades

FPL Renegades Podcast provide a helpful captaincy matrix to help you plan for the opening gameweeks. If Sterling isn’t needed until Gameweek 4 then there are question marks over his inclusion.

IV) Campbell

With Mane a doubt for Gameweek 1 after returning late to pre-season, Tom Campbell looks at Salah’s output with and without the Senegal striker. It looks even more promising for attacking returns.

V) Fantassist

FPL Fantassist studies the importance of captaincy selections when selecting your initial squad for the Fantasy Premier League season. Have a look at this intriguing illustration.

VI) Lego

Legomane considers a wider range of captaincy options for the opening weeks of the season, including Manchester United, Wolves, Leicester and Bournemouth. Arsenal present some good options for Gameweek 2.


AK compares how our premium options perform home and away. Most favour their home games, with Kane and Vardy looking good for returns on the road.

VIII) Gents

FPL Gents look at past data for Kevin De Bruyne in his home fixtures. If he can remain fit, he looks like a promising captain option for Manchester City – so is Sterling needed?

IX)  Prince

FPL Prince studies Salah and Sterling for a captaincy rotation in the opening gameweeks. There’s some away games to negotiate here but it’s an appealing schedule.

X) Fly

FPL Fly predicts Harry Kane to start with a bang this Fantasy Premier League 2019/20 season. Will you view him as a captaincy option in Gameweek 1?

XI) Fix

Finally, Fantasy Football Fix ignores the trend for budget forwards by considering a Home/Away captain rotation for our premium forwards: Kane and Aubameyang. Will you go for it?

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