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Bundesliga Fantasy Matchday 33 Best Differentials

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To prepare for Matchday 33 of Bundesliga Fantasy, our expert and regular contributor @FPLPlatinum is here to pick out some of the best differentials.

Gaining rank can be one of the most challenging situations in any Fantasy game. But our expert advice on differentials can help with exactly that. All of these recommendations have less than 10% ownership, so let’s dive in.

Noah Atubolu – GK v Heidenheim (H), 7.2m, 5% owned

With just a 5% ownership, Atubolu emerges as the top goalkeeper differential for Matchday 33. He offers a unique opportunity for managers seeking an edge.

The 21-year-old boasts a good average of 3.1 saves per game to showcase his shot-stopping ability. In Matchday 32 alone, Atubolu amassed an impressively high return of 15 points. Facing Heidenheim at home – a fixture that Freiburg are favoured to win – he could be in line for another haul.

Considering his low ownership and recent form, Atubolu is a good route for those looking to make up some ground.

Leonidas Stergiou – DEF v Augsburg (a), 3.9m on sale from 4.3m, 0% owned

Bundesliga Matchday 33 differentials

Priced at just 3.9 million, down from 4.3 million, Stergiou is a hidden gem that offers excellent value for money. He has recently secured his place as a Stuttgart starter, making him a reliable option for minutes.

By securing an impressive 10 points in Matchday 32, Stergiou has shown his potential to deliver returns. Yet he remains under the radar with a 0% ownership, making him a true differential pick.

With Stuttgart next travelling to Augsburg, don’t miss out on this promising, budget-friendly option for your team.

Marco Reus – MID v Mainz (a), 13.8m, 5% owned

Meanwhile, it’s the end of an era for Borussia Dortmund as Marco Reus, a true legend of the club, recently announced his departure after over a decade of service.

His decision marks a significant moment for fans and the football world alike. Edin Terzic may opt to rotate his squad of Champions League finalists the squad at the weekend and this could provide an opportunity for Reus to shine once again, following his stellar performance of 23 points in Matchday 32.

Facing Mainz, the team that cost Dortmund last season’s league title, Reus may have extra motivation to replicate his success and leave a lasting impact in his final matches.

Adam Hložek – FOR v Bochum (a), 10.0m, 0% owned

Bundesliga Matchday 33 differentials

As Bayer Leverkusen sets their sights on an unbeaten quadruple, Xabi Alonso may opt to shuffle the squad, knowing the league title is already secured and priorities now shift towards the DFB-Pokal and Europa League.

With this in mind, there’s a platform for Hložek to shine once again, following his impressive 15-point haul in the last Matchday.

Bochum away is a fixture Leverkusen should win on paper, so Hložek could repeat such heroics. He remains overlooked by most managers but could be a difference-maker, with such little time left in the season.

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