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Bundesliga Fantasy Best Differentials for Matchday 12

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We take a look at the Bundesliga Fantasy best differentials for Matchday 12 with the help of our expert manager and contributor @FPLPlatinum. He uses underlying stats, team and player form and other factors to help him.

Looking at the Bundesliga Fantasy best differentials for Matchday 12 can be extremely beneficial for managers. Differentials are lowly owned players that if successful can help you gain rank and an edge over you mini-league rivals.

GK – Marcel Schuhen- 4.7m on sale from 5.2m, 4% owned, Freiburg (A)

Marcel Schuhen emerges as a top goalkeeper differential for Matchday 12. Priced at 4.7m from an initial 5.2m, selecting him not only offers potential points but also aids in boosting your team’s overall value. While Darmstadt have struggled defensively, conceding a fair number of shots, this scenario could work to Schuhen’ advantage.

Schuhen’ averaging five points per game. His likelihood to face a flurry of shots presents an opportunity for him to secure substantial point hauls. Considering these factors, Schuhen proves to be an intriguing choice for fantasy managers seeking a differential goalkeeper with the potential to accumulate some points in Matchday 12.

DEF – Julian Ryerson – 9.9m, 8% owned, BMG (H)

Following his recent assist against Scotland, Julian Ryerson emerges as a promising differential pick for Matchday 12. With Dortmund hosting BMG, who historically struggle on their away outings, Dortmund aim to capitalize on this vulnerability. Ryerson stands out as an affordable fullback option, priced at just 9.9m. Being part of one of the league’s stronger defensive units adds to his appeal.

Additionally, boasting an average of nine points, Ryerson brings both reliability and potential points accumulation to your fantasy squad. Considering these factors, Ryerson presents an enticing proposition for fantasy managers seeking a cost-effective yet also high-performing defensive asset in Matchday 12.

MID – Vincenzo Grifo – 16.6m, 8% owned, Darmstadt (H)

While Hoffmann, Wirtz, and Simmons are likely to dominate most managers’ midfield selections, Vincenzo Grifo emerges as a compelling addition to consider. With Freiburg enjoying a favourable fixture against Darmstadt at home, Grifo’s role as the designated penalty taker also adds another dimension to his appeal.

Grifo has been consistent, averaging nine points per game, showcasing his ability to secure valuable points. Given his penalty duties and strong performances, he presents an excellent option for Matchday 12, offering potential points accumulation and the chance to stand out among midfield selections.

FWD – Omar Marmoush – 10.4m on sale from 11.6m, 5% owned, Stuttgart (H)

Making his debut on the list of differential picks this season, Omar Marmoush from Frankfurt emerges as a promising choice for Matchday 12. Marmoush boasts an impressive track record with seven goals and assists in nine Bundesliga starts. Notably, he has been consistently productive, contributing to seven goals or assists in his last seven appearances across all competitions.

Managers would be wise to capitalize on Marmoush’ rich vein of form as Frankfurt prepares to face Stuttgart at home. His recent performances, coupled with his knack for goal contributions, position Marmoush as a potential game-changer for fantasy teams in Matchday 12.

Get ready for the new round of FPL with all of the top picks right here.

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