Community XI: 4 weeks countdown

4 weeks preview

With the season just 4 weeks away, there’s 2018/19 Fantasy Premier League Tips from the community.

 Should you be including Liverpool’s Mo Salah in your FPL team for Gameweek 1?

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Number 11. Thunshot

Luke Thunshot has done a phenomenal job of previewing each team for the 4 weeks to go preview. This Twitter thread is very informative, looking at value and must own players.

Number 22. Strategy

Strategy FPL has created an interactive spreadsheet to help managers to build their squad for the new season. It automatically assigns a fixture difficulty to give the big picture.

Number 33. Académica

The latest FPL Académica article previews the promoted teams, with 4 weeks to go until the season starts. There’s fan perspectives to go alongside excellent statistics from FPL Finesse.

Number 44. Editor

It’s the promoted sides that make up a possible budget defence that costs just 22.5 million. With many premium teams set for a steady start after the World Cup, the temporary risk may pay off.

Number 55. Tips

FPL Tips has returned to his popular YouTube channel to share his Gameweek 1 first draft for the new season. Check out his initial thoughts and player picks in the video.

Number 66. Vs

Some players positions have been reclassified in the game this season, with Zaha and Arnautovic taking the headlines. FPL Vs analyses the potential impact on their overall points.

Number 77. Statto

FPL Statto has collated all of the Fixture Difficulty Ratings from the official site, to produce a cheat sheet for the entire season. This will be helpful for finding rotation in your defences.

Number 88. Mathsafe

Mathsafe FPL has produced in-depth analysis on fixture difficulty related to odds, against player performance. There’s interesting conclusions drawn here for each position, home and away.

Number 99. Always Cheating

In the first Always Cheating podcast of the season, the team preview the first half of teams. Find out their take on which players should be included in your Gameweek 1 squad.

Number 1010. Chief

Team structure is very important at the start of the season, with a limited budget. Chief sets out his thoughts for investment, including avoiding players still involved in the World Cup.

Number 1111. Pundits

The decision of whether to include Mo Salah in Gameweek 1 is tricky. Over 1,000 managers voted in the Fantasy Football Pundits poll. He’s likely to have an ownership of 50%, despite a big price increase.

BEFORE YOU GO… With just four weeks to go, check out our current thoughts  on a Gameweek 1 side, which we published earlier this week.

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