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World Cup Fantasy chips/boosters

World Cup Fantasy is now here and it’s getting ever closer to the first deadline. With the help of the Official World Cup website, we highlight which chips/boosters the game has provided fantasy players with to aid in their journey.

Chips/boosters are detrimental to how successful a fantasy campaign can be and determine what rank managers finish on. For that reason, it is absolutely vital managers know which chips/boosters are available and what they do.

Why are Chips/boosters important?

Chips/boosters are an additional way for players to both enjoy the game and to gain rank. Finding the best Matchdays to utilise the extra features is a key part of the game for the most experienced fantasy managers out there.

What are the chips/boosters?

As you can see in the graphic above, there are three chips/boosts available to fantasy players. The first is the standard wildcard. The Wildcard is well known and used very often by fantasy games to give managers the chance to completely rebuild their squads.

The second chip/booster is the 12th man. The chip/booster allows managers to select a 12th player with no budget or formational restrictions.

The final chip/booster is the power captain. Managers will be able to receive double points for whichever player in their squads return the most points.

When is the best time to use chips/boosters?

The most experienced fantasy manager’s plan when they will use them. Using chips and boosters can be extremely effective when stronger teams and players are facing weaker teams and players. Avoiding Matchday’s that we could see rotation in is also something we should consider.

Who are the best players to invest in from France? We pick out the best three for World Cup Fantasy here.

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