Will FPL 2022/23 launch soon?

On Thursday FPL managers saw the 2021/22 season added to their history. This proved very exciting across social media and made many managers question if FPL 2022/23 might be imminent.

Ahead of a new game launching FPL managers look for clues that the game might be about to relaunch. These clues can include things like being unable to access the app or website, price teases and/or changes in FPL players history.

Player Overall Rank History

On Thursday FPL managers noticed that the game had added their Overall Rank from the 2021/22 season to their FPL history. Content creators as well as members of the FPL community posted their new updated history on social media.

Could this mean that FPL 2022/23 is getting ready to launch?

With the previous game being recorded in the history books, FPL managers are now wondering what happens next? On Thursday 16th of June the Premier League will release the fixture list for the upcoming season. At this point FPL managers will be able to assess:

  • Who has the best start to the season
  • Which clubs have the worst start to the season
  • Fixture swings
  • Players and teams to target

However, FPL managers will need the new game to be live before they can built their teams. Managers often check the app throughout the off-season. They are looking for the ‘game is updating’ screen. This suggests that the new game is being loaded. The updating screen happened on the 22nd of June last year for the 2021/22 game.

The game went live the following day. This suggests that once the app and website change to the updating screen it won’t be too long after that the game is live.

The 2021/22 fixtures were released on the 16th of June. This was exactly a week before the game went live. Hence the community chatter is that the game will follow soon after.

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