Which teams will win in Gameweek 18?

Our community score predictions panel are back. Here they take a look at the what they expect to happen in the Gameweek 18 fixtures. The Gameweek 18 community score predictions are there to help managers make key decisions. When making FPL decisions many FPL managers mentally predict the outcome of matches and use this to target players. Here they predict who will win in Gameweek 18.

The community score predictions panel is back for another season. In these articles we will ask the panel to consider the questions that FPL managers ask themselves ahead of setting up their teams

  • Who will win?
  • Will there be a clean sheet in this match?
  • How many goals can I see being scored?
  • How many players do I want to play in this game?

Our community score predictions panel share their predictions for who will win in Gameweek 17. They consider what this might mean for our FPL plans.

Gameweek 17

As a result of the closeness of the end of Gameweek 17 and the start of Gameweek 18 the points from the two Gameweeks will be added at the same time. This will happen after the final Gameweek 18 fixture.

Gameweek 18

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Gameweek 18 community score predictions

Key talking points

The panel are unanimous in their feelings that Liverpool, Man City, Newcastle and Spurs will win at home in Gameweek 18. They also all believe that Chelsea will win away.

The panel are predicting just 14 clean sheets this week. The majority believe Man City and Chelsea will keep clean sheets. Therefore these could be the best defences for FPL managers to invest in.

Between them the panel have predicted 141 goals will be scored. Man City, Newcastle and Liverpool are predicted to score the most goals in Gameweek 18. Therefore these are potentially attacking teams for FPL managers to target.

FPL Comments

Hopefully you built a squad for Gameweek 17 that will last Gamdweek 18 too. The best play here is to roll a transfer and allow you to attack Double Gameweek 19.

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