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Which Leicester goalkeeper to pick in FPL

Taking a look at the dramatic changes that have happened for the foxes in the recent days. With long standing Leicester goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel now stepping down the opportunity for £4m goalkeepers has risen in FPL days before the the new season starts.

Finding the cheapest playing players in the game has always been key in financially enabling the rest of our teams. With lots of pricey options and premiums managers have to find value in some of the cheapest players available.

Peter Schmeichel

Premier league winner and number one goalkeeper for 11 years has now left the foxes. Being one of the biggest characters in the dressing room season after season and showing his quality and heroic goalkeeping will surely be missed.

The options

Iverson and Ward are the only stand out options left within the Leicester squad to take over the goalkeeping reigns. Both have come in at the cheapest price tag in the game at £4m.

With the season starting very soon it is extremely likely that Leicester stick with one of these options.


After being signed in 2018 by the foxes its fair to say the Welsh international has struggled to get a look in over the former keeper Schmeichel. Ward has struggled to really cement a spot over the years but that doesn’t mean the shot stopper lacks quality.

Welsh fans will know the importance Ward has been for them over the years for the national team. With bundles of international experience playing in the Euros and World Cup qualifiers Ward’s performances were hailed by the Welsh.

Here is a member of the FPL community quoting Brendan Rogers on Ward:


The second option is Daniel Iverson. Iverson does not have the experience at top level football that Ward has but enjoyed a well praised loan spell at Preston in the Championship last season.

Playing 46 matches last campaign the Dane has the minutes behind him that Ward doesn’t. Keeping 13 clean sheets in the same period was seen as a good season for Iverson by many, especially playing for the mid table side Preston.

Playing four out of the six matches in pre-season whilst Ward was out with a slight injury means Iverson could well start the season.

So who is number one?

There are factors supporting both. Danny Ward has the international experience and praise from Rogers to really push on this season. Pushing for a starting position in goal with the upcoming world cup for Wales means there’s no lack of motivation.

Iverson has the fitness and recent minutes on his side. Rogers will want a keeper that’s sharp and ready to go and the Dane offers that.

To conclude it’s unsure whether or not Ward or Iverson takes the reigns. What could happen is that Iverson steps up early on but eventually the more experienced Danny Ward fills the position left by Schmeichel longer term.

Pick both in FPL?

Managers could easily select both keepers for just £8m. This means unless there is an immediate new signing for Leicester at the back it doesn’t matter which of the two plays.

Other options

Gambling on one of the goalkeepers early could also be a great idea. This could even be backed by another £4.5m goalkeeping option.

As you can see below selecting Ward and Sanchez from Brighton gives managers a reasonable first eight gameweek period of rotating both. The worst that could happen is that Danny Ward isn’t number one and we’re still left with Sanchez who is still a great option with some of the best first eight fixtures in the league.

Not keen on a £4m goalkeeper? You can take a look at some of the best £4.5m options here.

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