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Congratulations to the 22/23 FPL winner Ali Jahangirov!

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Congratulations to Jo who finished third in FPL and is the highest ever female finisher!

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Erling Haaland was the highest scoring FPL player of 22/23 with 272 points

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Burnley, Sheffield United and Luton promoted to the Premier League

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Leicester, Leeds and Southampton relegated to the Championship

What do the next six gameweeks look like?

This is a pivotal time in the FPL season. For managers navigating the blanks and doubles to the optimum could be key for the overall rank and mini-league position. What do the next six gameweeks look like? Here we take a look at what the next six gameweeks, from Gameweek 26-32, look like and how managers should manage them.

The double and blank gameweeks are really important parts of the FPL season. Avoiding the blanking players and having the optimum number of doubling players can be key to success. If managers are able to successfully manage their squads over the next six Gameweeks then they are likely to give themselves a big boost in overall rank and mini league positioning.

Understanding the fixtures, who plays who and when is key. Knowing when teams blank to avoid them, and double to maximise them is key for FPL managers. The Fantasy Football Scout Fixture Ticker is a fantastic tool for FPL managers to keep track of the postponed and rescheduled fixtures. As well as to look at the difficulty of the fixtures that are taking place.

Full access to the ticker is available here.

Impact of FA Cup

The results of then FA Cup have had a big impact on the Premier League fixtures. The teams that progressed into the Quarter Finals of the competition have now had their Gameweek 28 matches postponed. The Gameweek 32 fixtures for these teams are also in doubt. This is because if they progress to the Semi Finals of the competition it falls during Gameweek 32.

The rescheduling of six fixtures in to Gameweek 29 means that there are two further midweeks where no conflicting competitions are taking place. This means that there are no European matches or domestic cup competitions happening. These midweeks are therefore the most likely to be used to reschedule fixtures. They happen in Gameweek 34 and 37.

Currently the upcoming game week’s look as follows:

Gameweek 27

This is a double gameweek for Brighton, Brentford, Southampton and Crystal Palace.

  • Brentford: Everton (a) Southampton (a)
  • Brighton: Leeds (a) Brighton (h)
  • Crystal Palace: Man City (h) Brighton (a)
  • Southampton: Man United (a) Brentford (h)

Gameweek 28

This gameweek will be impacted by the Quarter Finals of the FA Cup. There will be seven fixtures. The following matches will be played in Gameweek 28:

  • Nottingham Forest v Newcastle
  • Aston Villa v Bournemouth
  • Brentford v Leicesster
  • Southampton v Spurs
  • Wolves v Leeds
  • Chelsea v Everton
  • Arsenal v Crystal Palace

Gameweek 29

This is going to be the biggest double gameweek of the season. Six matches have been rescheduled in to Gameweek 29 and 12 teams will play twice.

Gameweek 30

This looks likely to be a standard 10 match gameweek.

Gameweek 31

This looks likely to be a standard 10 match gameweek.

Gameweek 32

The results of the Quarter Final matches in the FA Cup will mean that the teams who qualify for the Semi Finals will blank in Gameweek 32. The following teams made it to the Quarter Finals of the FA Cup and so their Gamweweek 32 fixture is in doubt.

  • Brighton (v Man City)
  • Man City (v Brighton)
  • Fulham (v Leeds)
  • Man United (v Chelsea)

We will know which of the teams will blank the weekend of Gameweek 28.

Keep up-to-date with all the fixture news here.

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