Trade cards and earn cash with Footstock


Football Trading Cards have been rejuvenated in the digital age, and it’s all down to Footstock!

Build your collection, trade cards and then play against others using your portfolio in the same way as Fantasy Premier League.

What is Footstock?

FOOTSTOCK is a brand-new sports gaming app that connects die-hard football fans with the beautiful game and their favourite players like never before, adding an added dimension for Fantasy Premier League players.

It’s based on the age-old excitement and addiction of sports trading cards. But that’s not all – Footstock gives you the chance to win real cash with the cards you own, by trading them on the Footstock Market.

Every Fantasy Premier League player has a unique trading card. Each card has in-depth stats attached to that player, which reflect their real-life skills and are combined to give them an overall card score. 

Players are ranked into 5 classes via their overall performance score. The better a player performs, the rarer and ‘more valuable’ his card becomes.

In the 2019/2020 season, the performance score equals the ‘average number of fantasy football points’ that the player has scored in this season’s matches.

Building your Portfolio

The easiest way to build your player cards portfolio is to buy player packs in the Footstock Shop. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold packs, all of which contain 5 to 100 player cards.

There is a chance of bagging the occasional premium player in a Bronze pack – but generally, the higher the value pack you buy, the more likely you are to get Rare, Epic and Legendary players. 

Footstock Portfolio

You can also buy cards from other users in the Footstock Market – and earn cards as you move up the ranks in Footstock

Trading Cards

Football knowledge comes into play when you trade the cards you’ve acquired on the Footstock marketSo, if you get lucky when buying packs and bag the ‘Legendary’ Sterling, Mane, and the like, you can make a great profit on the spot by selling the players you don’t want to other users in the market and rake in the money. 

Footstock Market

Or, if you are in it for the medium and longer-term; use your football knowledge to predict the superstars of the future. Buy them low, wait for their price to go through the roof, then sell high. Profit potential based on your scouting ability – now there’s a challenge no football genius can ignore!

Signup Promotions

On joining you will receive up to £100 Deposit Bonus. Bonus paid in tournament credit at 50% of the first deposit. A minimum deposit of £20 required. 18+, UK Only. Other normal T&C’s apply.

We at Fantasy Football Community can’t wait to get started on Footstock and would love you to join us too. If you have any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to get in contact! Hit the banner below to signup! Good luck!