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Tottenham Top Picks for FPL

In this article we pick out the FPL top picks from Tottenham. Using tools like the fixture difficulty ticker and underlying stats from the Fantasy Football Scout members area we can provide the best Tottenham players to buy in each position.

Going through the FPL top picks from Tottenham can be extremely helpful for the period ahead. The Tottenham fixtures are great long-term and they are having a good campaign overall so investing in them could be hugely beneficial for fantasy managers.

The Tottenham Fixtures

As we can see, Tottenham sit fourth highest on the fixture ticker for the next six Gameweeks. They have matches against Brentford, Everton, Brighton, Wolves, Chelsea and Crystal Palace.

The Tottenham Defence

Here we take a look at how the Tottenham defence stacks up when compared to other teams this season. So far they rank:

  • Joint eighth best for goals conceded.
  • Joint fourth best for clean sheets kept.
  • Seventh worst for expected goals conceded.
  • Sixth worst for shots in the box conceded.
  • Joint third worst for big chances conceded.

The above shows that Tottenham are conceding some concerning underlying defensive data.

The Best Defenders to Buy

Here we will compare the gametime and attacking potential of all Tottenham defenders so far this season.

We can see that Pedro Porro (£5.8m) edges every other defender for both minutes played and starts. Following him is fellow full-back Destiny Udogie (£4.8m).

Siting third for gametime and starts is centre-back Cristian Romero (£4.9m).

Overall we can see that the full-backs dominate in terms of gametime. This is primarily due to injuries and suspensions.

Below we can see a table comparing their attacking data.

Pedro Porro once again dominates the data – sitting top for non-penalty expected goal involvement (6.63). Quite far behind in that metric is Destiny Udogie (2.93). Romero again sits in third place for NPXGI (2.25).

In conclusion the full-backs are edging the centre-backs for most of the key attacking metrics.

The Tottenham Attack

When focusing on the frontline Tottenham are in very strong form this season. In fact, so far they sit:

  • Third best for goals scored
  • Seventh best for expected goals
  • Fourth best for total attempts on goal
  • Third best for shots in the box
  • Joint seventh for big chances total
  • Fourth best for shots on target

The Best Attackers to Buy

Below we compare the Tottenham attackers in terms of minutes and goal involvement.

Using the graphic above we can see that midfielder Son Heung-Min (£9.7m) is the most reliable when it comes to minutes played and starts. It is worth mentioning that Son is currently with his national side participating in the Asia Cup.

Midfielder Dejan Kulusevski (£7.1m) is second best for minutes played and starts.

There is quite a large gap between the top two and the rest in the graphic which suggests they could be rotations risks long-term. However, prior to his injury midfielder James Maddison (£7.8m) was an integral member of the squad. It is also worth highlighting that midfielder Richarlison (£7m) has been starting every match recently.

Now let’s take a look at their attacking data. Due to injuries, it could be worth checking out their underlying per 90 minutes.

As we can see Richarlison just edges Maddison in terms of non-penalty expected goal involvement per 90 minutes (0.64).

Son Heung-Min ranks third for NPXGI per 90 but we have to take into account he has played a lot more than both Maddison and Richarlison.

In conclusion, Son is the most reliable in terms of data and minutes but he is currently away. When he returns he is without a doubt the standout option long-term. Another great long-term option could be James Maddison. However, for now he could be one to monitor as he recovers from injury.

The best short term asset seems to be Richarlison who as mentioned earlier has been starting every match but also leads every other attacker for NPXGI per 90 minutes.

Tottenham Top Picks for FPL

After comparing the data we have picked out the best Tottenham players to buy in FPL which are as follows:

  • Pedro Porro
  • Son Heung-Min (when he returns)
  • Richarlison (short-term)
  • James Maddison (when fully recovered from his injury)
  • Destiny Udogie

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