The Winners and Losers of the FPL season so far…

We are two months into this Fantasy Premier League (FPL) season, and already things have not gone to plan for many players, teams and managers.

It is those unexpected turn of FPL events however, and particularly the ability to foresee them or at the very least react the quickest to them, that will make or break your fantasy football season. Also spotting what is a genuine trend as opposed to a flash in the pan will prove crucial. 

It goes without saying that having consistent high scorers in your team is the bread and butter of a successful team, but it is the differentials that make just as big a difference. Being consistently ahead of the curve will make all the difference come May, so never allow yourself to sit on your laurels if you have a team that is performing well. Every single week has opportunities. We of course have tips on this site, but there are other resources available as well, for example, for tips on how the weekend’s games might go, Oddschecker provide a weekly preview which can be invaluable for fantasy football managers. So, what have the opening two months told us in terms of the unexpected winners, and those who have failed to live up to expectations?

Who has Exceeded Expectations?

Three teams jump out. Not many people, even die hard Hammers, would have gone into this season with too much hope of anything other than months spent in mid-table occasionally flirting with both the top eight and the relegation places. Pellegrini has gradually improved his team however, and though they may not have many out and out stars that fantasy football managers will be queuing up to get, they are scoring points throughout their midfield, and Sébastien Haller is definitely a cheap option up front and is only selected by 5% of players.

FPL Season so far
There are points to be had throughout the Leicester side, not least main man Vardy.

All predictions in the summer were doom and gloom for Chelsea, but though they have not shot out of the gates, they are putting together some more than half decent performances. Tammy Abraham has been given the opportunity and has stepped up to the plate. Likewise Mason Mount, while Jorginho has out performed expectations, particularly from a FPL perspective. Leicester are the other team who have had a fantastic start to the season. Brendan Rodgers has more than justified his move south of the border and could very well prove to be a thorn in the side of Manchester United’s and Arsenal’s top four or even top six ambitions. Almost all of the starting 11 are scoring points regularly and there are not as many squad rotations as is the case with some of the top teams. 

Fantasy managers across the land were filling their sides with Norwich players after Daniel Farke’s newly promoted side exceeded expectations, especially Finnish striker Pukki. Teams have started seasons before all guns blazing, but being able to carry that form on past the time when the nights have drawn in is entirely a different thing. We would be wary of trying to squeeze any more points from that source, and you could be in danger of having cheap non scoring players in your team, who are difficult to swap out.

The Flops

Last year Wolves and Watford defied all expectations. As a result, many fantasy football managers started this one with teams loaded with players from both sides. Both teams have failed to deliver on last year’s promise, with Watford disintegrating – almost literally, at the Etihad. Less spectacularly, but no less alarming, is the form of Arsenal and Manchester United. The game last Monday showed just how far both sides have fallen behind, both the levels they set themselves in recent years, and also the one set by several of their rivals today. Apart from Aubameyang, there are not many players in either squad that look to be any value at all. Finally, in a season that has proved difficult to predict, it is perhaps reassuring that one thing has not changed, Pep and his left field squad rotations, and the ensuing fallout. 

This FPL guest post was written by Xavier.

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