Team Reveal GW31 – When does FPL Rabbi intend to Bench Boost?

Each Gameweek brings an FPL community team reveal. As a result, that person gives insight into their transfers, captaincy and future plans.

Ahead of Gameweek 31, it’s the turn of FPL Rabbi to tell us what he is doing to his team. Thursday brought a team reveal from FPL Inzaghi, which you can read here.

Hi FPL Rabbi and thanks for the team reveal. Firstly, how did Gameweek 30 go?

Despite a green arrow and a 15% rank rise, it felt like quite a disappointing result. I used my first Free Hit chip in Gameweek 30 and the terrible decision not to go with Son Heung-min cost me the chance to halve my rank, which is currently sitting at 22k.

Secondly, do you like your current squad? Who is a player you’d like to own but don’t?

I wildcarded in Gameweek 28 so am quite happy with the shape of my squad at the moment. In particular, I like the prospect of having double Liverpool defence home to Watford, something which is currently doubtful because of Trent Alexander-Arnold’s injury.

I am quite concerned that I own neither Bukayo Saka nor Joao Cancelo, who has a really kind fixture.

So what are your transfer plans for Gameweek 31 and beyond?

I’m currently entertaining the idea of a Bench Boost in Gameweek 33 (GW33) so am rolling the transfer this week in order to get as much information as possible regarding players coming back from international duty, injuries, Covid and European competitions. I’m looking to do six transfers up to GW33 if I do use this chip.

Among those players I’m looking to bring in are Bruno Fernandes (wish I had enough budget to bring him in now), a Leicester midfielder (either Harvey Barnes or James Maddison), Saka (or Gabriel Martinelli if I’m short on budget), a new goalkeeper instead of Jose Sa and another budget defender who plays twice.

And finally, what about captaincy?

This Gameweek looks like back-to-usual, with Mohamed Salah having a home fixture against Watford. Maybe some fear of rotation but I just don’t see it. I don’t think this is a decision we need to overthink.

Good luck and thank you for the team reveal!

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