Sky Fantasy: Great enablers

Sky Fantasy is now open and ready for managers to make their first drafts. Here we cover some of the great enablers in the game. Using previous data we can see who could make great but cheap additions to our fantasy teams.

Finding cheap players in any fantasy platform is a must when including more expensive premiums. This creates a well balanced team and means you can try to get as many as your pricier players in as you can. Cheap players are great but potentially finding great cheap players is even better.

Nottingham Forest

Newly promoted teams can be one of the best places to look for budget enablers. One of the teams to stand out in this case is Nottingham Forest. Not just because of specific assets but Nottingham Forest have three key dates coming up.

Nottingham Forest play West Ham on the 14th of August, an opportunity for captaincy unless players wanted to back a captaincy in the Chelsea v Tottenham match, the only other match on that day to utilise captaincy.

On the 12th of September there is a stand alone match v Leeds, another opportunity where owning and captaining a Nottingham Forest player becomes a likelihood.

Then on the 16th of September the reds then play Fulham whilst the only other match on that day to utilise captaincy in is Aston Villa v Southampton. Three great reasons to include a player from the promoted side already.

Nottingham Forest assets

Central midfielder Yates has come in at a really attractive price of £6.5m. Yates managed to score eight goals in the Championship last season with a shooting average of 1.2 shots per match. The midfielder also managed 1.9 tackles per match. Although cheap the Forest man has the potential to hit multiple bonus tiers and at such a low price.

Welshman Brennan Johnson also comes in at a nice price, £7.2m. Although playing in an advanced position and being categorized as a forward on other fantasy platforms Sky Fantasy have kindly placed him in the midfielder category. With 16 goals and 10 assists last season and the last player to take the penalties, Johnson could well be a great enabler.

Rasmus Kristensen

Leeds new signing and right back Rasmus Kristensen enters the game £7.2m. The bullish defender hit three to seven ball recoveries in the Champions League last season showing tackle tier potential. Offensively he’s also very able. He scored seven goals and created three assists last season for Austrian side Salzburg.

Averaging 1.2 key passes and 1.4 shots per match could mean Kristensen could have bags of potential, hitting bonus tiers could be a regular thing and at that price could mean great value for money.

The Leeds fixtures also start pretty well. In the first six matches they play Wolves, Southampton, Chelsea, Brighton, Everton and Brentford. This gives Sky managers another reason to gamble on the Dane.

Sven Botman

Newcastle summer signing Sven Botman also comes in at a nice enabling price. At £7.5m Sky players could well go there early. It’s highly likely the centre back comes straight in as a first team player considering his high transfer fee and lack of competition for a start.

Newcastle play Nottingham Forest, Brighton, Man City, Wolves, Liverpool and Crystal Palace in the first six matches and with the potential for clean sheets there the Newcastle man could be a great pick at his price.


Brand new signing and Fulham midfielder could be another great enabler for the season ahead. At an extremely low price tag of £6.6m the Portuguese international managed three goals and one assist with Sporting last season. The central midfielder also also managed an average of three tackles per game domestically, great potential for hitting tackling tiers.

With mixed early fixtures Fulham play Liverpool, Wolves, Brentford, Arsenal and Brighton in the first six matches. Not bad and considering the price Sky Fantasy managers may just take the gamble.

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