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Erling Haaland comes in at £15m - The most expensive player in FPL history!

Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

The 24/25 Premier League Fixtures are OUT NOW!

Serie A Fantasy 24/25: Who Has The Best Starting Fixtures?

Serie A Fantasy Fantasy 24/25 is just around the corner so we begin our coverage for the new season right here. Our expert manager and contributor @FPL_Crisk comes in to reveal the teams with the best fixtures to start the season.

With Serie A Fantasy Fantasy 24/25 approaching, taking a look at the teams with the best start to the season could be hugely beneficial when it comes to planning. Playing the fixtures can be the difference to starting the new season poorly and starting the new season successfully.


Roma arguably have the best set of starting fixtures in Serie A. In the first six Rounds they face the weakest newly promoted side (Venezia), three teams that fought to avoid relegation last season (Cagliari, Empoli and Udinese), and the weakest mid-table side in Genoa.

The only obstacle is Juventus away in Round 3, but the rest of the fixtures, alongside them being one of the few top teams whom didn’t change manager, will be enough to justify a likely double up on their assets.


Napoli also face Juventus very early on, in Round 5, but the rest of their starting fixtures are pretty solid despite not looking as good as Roma’s. Bologna in Round 2 and Monza in Round 6 are tricky, but facing Verona, Parma and Cagliari in the first month makes them a very tempting team to rely on.

Conte’s arrival should also help them feel once again like a top team from the start. Their great run of fixtures extends as far as Round 9, so they can be considered a very good early game team.


Cagliari have four very affordable fixtures (Como, Lecce, Empoli, Parma) early. They also have two very tough opponents in Roma and Napoli, but I do not think this shouldn’t be a problem: their assets will be very cheap and could be used as rotation fodder in the two difficult games of the run, allowing funds for the juicy premium picks.


Their run is definitely not as good as Cagliari’s (Juve, Atalanta and Bologna in the first six Rounds), but just like them they are easily a great team for budget players early on. In this case I wanted them on this list because the board is clearly very ambitious.

They already announced Belotti in attack, they are closing in for Marseille’s goalkeeper Pau Lopez and they are even in the race to sign Raphael Varane. I feel like they could pull off a Monza and easily stay in Serie A next season.


Como, Verona, Empoli and Genoa in the first six make up for also having to face Roma and Napoli. No more Allegri for Juventus, but Thiago Motta was good defensively for Bologna last season so there is a good chance that players like Bremer will continue to be between the top performers in the game.

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