Possible position changes

Which position a player is classified in is always one of the key things that an FPL manager looks for when the game launches. We take a look at the players who could have possible position changes in FPL 2022/23.

In the build up to the new game launching FPL managers always debate which players, if any, will be reclassified. Moving a defender in to midfield loses them the full clean sheet benefit. Moving a midfielder into the forward slots also means that they receive less points for their attacking returns and lose the clean sheet bonus. As a result the positions of the players in the game has a massive impact on their attractiveness in FPL.

At Fantasy Football Fest Mark Southern’s discussed which players he thinks might potentially change position.

Mark’s possible position changes

Mo Salah

Was a midfielder in the game in 2021/22, however Mark thinks he could be reclassified as a forward for 2022/23. At FFFest Mark predicted that Salah would be priced at £12.5m as a forward, £0.5m more than Harry Kane.

Son Heung-Min

Mark also suggested that he thought Son could be reclassified as a forward. He suggested that he could be priced at £10.5m, in a similar price bracket to where we saw Jamie Vardy priced in the 21/22 season.

Sadio Mane

There has been a lot of rumour that Mane could leave Liverpool this summer. However, if he does remain with the Merseyside team Mark suggested that he could be reclassified as a forward along with Salah. Mark suggested that he thinks Mane would however be cheaper than both Salah and Son coming in at £10m.

Diogo Jota

To make the hat-trick of reclassified Liverpool players Mark also suggested he thought Jota could be a forward for the new season. He proposed a price tag of £9m for the Liverpool man.

Community Chatter

FPL Madridsta is expecting a lot of changes ahead of the new season. One of his stand out expectations is to see Stuart Dallas move back to being a defender. Dallas was reclassified as a midfielder for the 2021/22 season, however could he revert back for the new season.

Meanwhile, Marcus has also been discussing prices and positions in his latest thread.

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