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Kickoff the new Premier League season with Daily Fantasy Football from PlayON.PlayON Banner

We’ve partnered with PlayON to kickoff the new Premier League season and help you win your share of thousands in guaranteed cash prizes.

How PlayON Works

PlayON is a Daily Fantasy Sports provider, with partnerships across a range of sports: including the Official NBA and Formula 1 Partner. Daily Fantasy Football has grown in popularity, allowing managers to pick fresh fantasy teams every day!

PlayON How

PlayON is running a £2,500 guaranteed game this Saturday to start the new season in style. The game costs £22 to enter, with PlayON having a fantastic offer available for new Fantasy Football Community users!

Sign up and deposit £22 or more and you’ll receive a FREE £22 bonus entry that can be used in the £2,500 guaranteed Premier League game.

Sign up HERE to create your PlayON account and claim your bonus entry.


There are multiple contest formats to choose from, including cash and free games, every gameweek on PlayON.

One-on-One and Private Multiplayer contests can be created by the user, with the ability to select a custom prize pot and invitations to friends. It’s a great format for bespoke competitions to battle against friends, with plenty of flexibility.

PlayON Invite

Public Multiplayer contests are available in the lobby in a number of formats. There’s big prize pools to look out for here, including a guaranteed 2500 pounds prize pot for those entering the Gameweek 1 contest on Saturday 11th August. There are smaller multiplayer competitions available and a free entry contest too.

PlayON Public

PlayON FormationRules

Managers have a 100 million budget to spend on 11 players in a 4-4-2 formation: 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 strikers. There are no restrictions on the number of players selected from each team.

Users can make changes to their final lineup until 1 minute before kick off for the first fixture included within the contest. Beyond this point, all teams are locked. There are no captains in the PlayON format.

Points are awarded for goals, assists, appearance and clean sheets. In addition, points can be accrued for attacking input including shots on target and chances created.

Defensive players can be awarded points for tackles, interceptions and clearances. Goalkeepers are awarded generously for saves and penalty saves.

Points are also deducted for goals conceded in the Goalkeeper and Defender positions, plus yellow and red cards across the pitch.


Natural goal scorers should perform better than playmakers: goals are awarded twice the number of points than assists and shots on targets are awarded with double the number of points than chances created.

This is something to consider when selecting players from the midfield. Deep-lying defensive midfielders can accrue strong point totals from tackles, interceptions and clearances, but tend to fall short of their more attacking counterparts.

PlayON Scoring

Concentrate on clean sheet potential and attacking threat when selecting defenders, full backs have more opportunity to create chances than centre backs. However, centre backs tend to score well for tackles, interceptions and clearances.

With goalkeepers generously awarded for saves, it’s better to chase strong save potential over clean sheets. Those keepers kept busy during the game should accrue a strong points total.

If you’re interested in playing PlayON Daily Fantasy Football with us this season, check out the PlayON website. Join us in the £2,500 guaranteed game on Saturday 11th August. 

PlayON Offer

Click the token to go to PlayON. Pick your team for Gameweek 1 now and claim your free £22 bonus entry after you deposit.