Most FPL points scored in a Gameweek

Since the first FPL game in the 2002/03 season there have been some highly memorable Gameweek scores. We take a look at the most FPL points scored by a player in a Gameweek.

FPL managers dream of their players returning huge FPL points hauls on a weekly basis. Since the inception of FPL there have been a number of big FPL Gameweek points returns. The highest return in a FPL Gameweek was by Wayne Rooney during the 2009/10 season.

1. Wayne Rooney – Double Gameweek 22 v Burnley and Hull

For Wayne Rooney Double Gameweek 22 contained matches against Burnley and Hull in 2009/10. By the end of the two fixture’s Rooney had amassed 32 FPL points for his owners. In the first game against Burnley, Rooney returned a goal and an assist, registering 12 FPL points. In the second game Rooney went on to score four goals against Hull. This saw the forward return an impress 20 points. It could have been 21 had it not been for a yellow card during the match

=2. Harry Kane – Double Gameweek 37 v Man United and Leicester

Gameweek 1 Tips Kane

In Double Gameweek 37 of the 2016/17 season, Kane played matches against Man United and Leicester. Against Leicester Kane registered four goals, one assist amounting to 24 FPL points. He also added a goal against Man United returning seven points in that fixture.

His 31 points leaves him second in the all time tally for FPL points scorers in a Gameweek.

=2. Yaya Toure – Double Gameweek 31 v Man United and Fulham

Toure’s first match of the Double Gameweek during the 2013/14 season was against Fulham. During the match he scored a hattrick, two of the goals coming from the penalty spot.

The second match of the Gameweek was a derby against Manchester United. Toure was blanking until the 90th minute when he scored. The goal ensure a 31 point return for the Gameweek.

3. Kevin De Bruyne – Double Gameweek 36 v Newcastle and Wolves

Kevin De Bruyne returned six points against Newcastle in the first match of the Double Gameweek. However, it was the second game where he really racked in the FPL points.

De Bruyne returned a hattrick in the opening 24 minutes of the game against Wolves. However, the midfielder wasn’t done there and added a fourth in the second half. His 30 points made him an incredible differential with just 12% of managers owning him.

=4. Mo Salah – Single Gameweek 31 v Watford

Unlike all of those who have outscored him Salah returned his highest score of 29 points in just one match. The Liverpool midfielder returned four goals and an assist in one match against Watford at Anfield where Liverpool won 5-0.

=4. Matty Cash – Double Gameweek 28 v Leeds and Southampton

In the double gameweek 28 2021/22 season, Cash played Leeds and Southampton. He registered two clean sheets, a goal, and an assist. This earned him 29 points.  

= 5. 28 points in a Gameweek

Frank Lampard 2007/08 v Aston Villa

Frank Lampard 2009/10 v Derby

Raheem Sterling 2020/21 v Newcastle and Wolves

Mo Salah 2021/22 v Leeds and Norwich

= 6. 27 points in a Gameweek

John Arne Riise 2004/05 v West Brom

Steve Watson 2003/04 v Leeds

John Stones 2020/21 v Palace and Aston Villa

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