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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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MLS Fantasy is Live!

MLS Fantasy is Live! Major League Soccer has returned for another season and that means the fantasy game has too. We take a look through the basics and check out some of the features the site has to offer us ahead of the new season.

MLS commences on Thursday 1am GMT so for those based in the UK, next Wednesday night! There isn’t long to get familiar with the website so looking through some of the basics could be extremely helpful when getting prepared.

MLS Fantasy is Live!

As we can see MLS Fantasy has launched over on the Official Fantasy website. You can start your MLS Fantasy journey right here by using this link to sign up today.

After logging in or setting up your new account you can then make up your team name and pick your favourite club!

Build a Team!

Managers can start building their drafts for the first round right here! As you can see, managers also receive a 100m budget to started!

Players and Prices

You can also check out the player prices which can also help you build your fantasy teams. You can search or look for players club by club or search other filters to help you find specific players or positions.

The Menu

Users can also access other features to help navigate the campaign ahead. As you can see there are options like Fantasy News, Stats Centre and the Schedule (pictured below).

MLS Fantasy App

You can also download the MLS Fantasy App for free over on the App Store! At the time of writing the app is yet to update but it could be just a matter of time!

If you need guidance for your upcoming MLS Fantasy campaign then don’t worry because we have you covered! We cover each fantasy round with different articles and you can access them here!

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