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Congratulations to the 22/23 FPL winner Ali Jahangirov!

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Congratulations to Jo who finished third in FPL and is the highest ever female finisher!

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Erling Haaland was the highest scoring FPL player of 22/23 with 272 points

Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

Burnley, Sheffield United and Luton promoted to the Premier League

Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

UCL Fantasy top picks for Matchday 13 are out now!

FPL Manchester City Midfielders

City Midfielders

Update 3: It seems like Fantasy Premier League managers are still really undecided on which Manchester City midfielder to bring in. Here’s the latest tweets from the community. FPL Cloud assesses the goal threat and compares the output of the midfielders to the forwards. FPL Heisenberg reminds us that Sterling’s effectiveness won’t be limited by the fitness of Aguero. FPL editor looks at value, with Sane and Sterling leading the way over the last 2 weeks. From a statistical point of view, all indicators point to Sterling but game time and Pep rotation are the limiting factors.

Which Manchester City midfielders do you own and who do you intend to bring in for Gameweek 8? Drop us a tweet and let us know!


UPDATE 2: FPL managers still can’t decide which midfielder to put their money into, and with the news that Aguero is back in training, Jesus becomes a question mark in our thoughts.

El Statto provides another great comparison and FPL Tips provides another great video comparing all the key figures. They also ask if we should be considering a United midfielder instead.

UPDATE: The debate rages on regarding which Manchester City Midfielder to own in FPL ahead of GW8. There’s some international news which could influence our decision making & the guys at Fantasy Football Fix have provided us with an excellent comparison, as well as looking at the popular transfer combinations!

Meanwhile, @Gameweek38 have given us a timely reminder about price, and a couple of the City assets feature in @InfernoSix bonus points comparison chart! 

Manchester City are on fantastic form and have excellent fixtures coming up.

If you are wondering which midfielder to invest in, check out the opinions of @TheTinkerMen, @FPL_ElStatto, @FPL_Ted, @the12thmantimes, @YahooFantasy_UK and @FPL_Aussid. Don’t forget to follow them all on Twitter!