Community XI: 2019/20 FPL Launch

FPL Launch

The launch of the Fantasy Premier League game has occurred in June for the first time ever!

The community have been busy compiling their all important reaction for the 2019/20 Fantasy Premier League season launch.

The game launch occurred on Thursday 27th June at midday, following a series of early price reveals.

1. Partridge

FPL Partridge had another entertaining video to coincide with the Fantasy Premier League 2019/20 season launch. It’s certainly caused a stir within the community, after weeks of anticipation.

2. Junior

One of the big changes this season is the mini-league allowance. FPL Junior noted an increase from 15 to 20 private leagues – a welcome addition! The FF Community Shield is already LIVE and we will be sharing all the best community leagues over the next few weeks!

3. Scout

There’s been some big price hikes for this season, including our favourite Bournemouth and Wolves assets from last season. Fantasy Football Scout have summarised the big changes in their thread, as well as spotting some early bargains.

4. Tactician

It was no surprise to see last seasons star, Andrew Robertson, getting a bump in price. The 1 million pound jump wasn’t as bad as first feared, but there’s concern this friendly price tag will water down to the challenge of the game.

5. Pundits

As well as some significant price changes, some players have also had their position reclassified. Matt Ritchie has been moved to a defender, after several games as a full-back. Could he be a penalty taking defender in the realm of VAR?

6. Tim

It’s defenders stealing all the headlines on launch day, with players value among all positions compared to favourite Robertson. FPL Tim has some crucial words to keep everything in perspective.

7. Vs

While many price rises may be difficult to stomach, Chelsea assets appear to be coming in a budget friendly range. With Hazard already off to Real Madrid, their most expensive player comes in at a meagre 7 million!

8. Connect

FPL Connect has tweaked his previous work on player value for launch day. With this seasons pricing considered, the formula now calculates which players could provide the value this season.

9. Bet

Fantasy Bet are backing the interest in defenders for the launch, with a forecast for clean sheets in the early weeks of the 2019/20 Fantasy Premier League season. Head over to their blog for all the key information.

10. Family

The FPL Family are already busy working on their drafts, despite the early launch, with a stream to coincide with the new game release. It’s no surprise to see Sam taking an early interest in Spurs, Harry Kane.

11. Hub

Will, from Fantasy Football Hub, has gauged the reaction to the prices on launch day in his Twitter poll. There’s some unrest over the budget, with our favoured mid-table players from last season seeing steep hikes!

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