Introducing the Footstock 100K Freeroll season long FPL cash game

Footstock 100K Freeroll

As well as sponsoring our mini league, Footstock have a very exciting competition of their own this season, the 100K Freeroll.

Footstock 100K Freeroll
Hit the banner to join Footstock today and receive 50 bonus player cards, plus £10 of tournament credit. Use those bonus cards in their £100k Freeroll. No deposit necessary. 18+ Only. Terms and Conditions Apply. BeGambleAware.

There’s £100,000 on offer in the Foostock 100K Freeroll which is a season long FPL cash game, with entry coming in absolutely free.

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We’ve been playing Footstock for a while now: some of you may have heard of it already, but it may be a new concept to you. Footstock is essentially a football trading platform: you can purchase players on the market like on Football Index, you can buy packs of players in the shop like FIFA packs and then enter those player cards in tournaments, like Fantasy Premier League.

Footstock have got a big competition coming up for the new season: the £100k season long Freeroll, which means it is absolutely free to enter. They’ve also brought on board Chris Kamara for their marketing campaign ahead of the new season, so you may see him advertising on the TV or radio, in a series of Talksport advertisements.

Footstock 100000 Freeroll

If you are interested in getting involved in Footstock, sign up on this special link to claim your bonuses: 50 bonus player cards and £10 of tournament credit, with no deposit required. The great thing about the bonus player cards is that you can use them to enter the 100K Freeroll, without having to pay a penny at all.

Obviously, you can supplement those bonus cards with player cards purchased from the market or the shop. The market is the best place to acquire player card, with buying players from the market always being a gamble in terms of the value returned in players.

The Footstock 100K Freeroll is a tournament which covers every single Premier League game this season, with a £100,000 prize pot and entry fee absolutely free. You can enter as many teams as you like and your team of 11 players must compromise two goalkeepers, three defenders, three midfielders and two attackers; with no more than two players per club.

Footstock 100K Freeroll

You have a budget of 35 stars to use on your selection of player cards, with each player card given a rating from 1 star (basic) to 5 stars (legendary). You have to be careful with how to use that star budget when it comes to entering players into the tournament.

First place wins a massive £25,000 and there are weekly prizes in excess of £20,000. There will be 100 unique winners from the overall charts. You can enter unlimited sides and your six best gameweek scores for the season contribute to your overall placing on the leaderboard.

It’s important to think both short-term and long-term with your entries: the highest score of the gameweek wins £250, with a bonus of £500 in Gameweek 1 and Footstock FC shirts for each manager of the week. The player that gets the highest single gameweek score earns £5,000, with second and third place receiving £3,000 and £2,000 respectively.

My own plan is to enter a new squad every single week from Gameweek 1 until the final entry point at Gameweek 34. Once entered, those cards are locked in but it is possible to retract underperforming lineups for a fee of £15, with Footstock putting that pool of cash up in a final Freeroll tournament for Gameweek 38.

Here’s my initial entry for Gameweek 1. I’m avoiding the four teams with a Blank Gameweek 1: Manchester City, Manchester United, Burnley and Aston Villa. Do check out the Footstock Scoring Matrix as it is far more rigorous than FPL scoring, with points awarded for minutes played, crosses and successful dribbles, alongside the usual goals, assists and clean sheets. Footstock 100K Freeroll

Buying the player cards from the team above on the market would cost around £150, but you can use the bonus player cards awarded on signup to supplement your entry. You own those cards purchased forever and you can use those in tournaments during your journey on Footstock.

Start your Footstock journey right now by signing up on this link, where you’ll get your 50 bonus player cards, £10 of tournament credit, with no deposit required. 18+ Only. Terms and Conditions Apply. BeGambleAware.

Footstock Signup

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