How to play GAFFR

The 2022/23 GAFFR game launched this morning. Wondering how to play GAFFR? We have taken a look at the rules of the game as well as how the gameplay works.

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Game Rules

Fulham celebrate winning the 2021/22 Championship title

The budget, team selection and transfer system will be familiar to FPL players. You can make one free transfer each week, which will be carried forward if unused, up to a maximum of two free transfers in a week.

Any additional transfers will incur a four point deduction to your Gameweek score. Much like in FPL the player handed the captains armban receives double points. However, unlike in FPL the GAFFR vice captain also gets a additional points. The player handed the vice captain armband will receive a 1.5 multiplier applied to their score.

If either of your captains do not play, the selected Emergency Captain comes in and picks up the extra points instead. The three captains come in useful later, you’ll see why in the Boosts section.

GAFFR scoring

The scoring is as follows:

  • Goals from open play – five points
  • Penalties – three points
  • Winning a penalty – three points (regardless of whether that penalty is scored.)
  • Defenders and goalkeepers clean sheet – two points per half (must play 30 mins per half to qualify).

For a full breakdown of the scoring check out the rules page.

Performance points

Performance Points are equivalent to Bonus Points in FPL. They can have a significant impact on a player’s score. The max bonus is four for the highest-ranked player in a given match. There is three points for second place, two for third and one for fourth.

These points are awarded based on a number of factors, not just goals and assists. Defensive actions, key passes, successful dribbles and other actions are all taken into consideration by the algorithm.


Boosts are the GAFFR version of the chips system but with a twist.

The season is split into three periods of 15 Gameweeks. There are six boosts to choose from in each period, of which you can pick three. The boosts are refreshed at the end of every period and you begin again. The idea is to give managers the flexibility to choose the boost that suits their strategy and position in the standings.

There are 16 boosts in the game and any six can appear in a given refresh. Below are a few examples:


Use this wisely. You can make unlimited transfers for the Gameweek (Wildcard). These are permanent changes to your team. They will not revert the following gameweek.

Park The Bus

Defenders score double. No Captain multipliers applied for any player or position.


Each goal scored adds an additional five points to total. This includes penalties and goals scored by substitutes. Captain multipliers do not apply to the five point bonus.

Away Day

As chosen by the Twitter community. All players playing away from home score double.


Captain, Vice-Captain and Emergency Captain all score double.

Jeepers Keepers

A fan favourite. Your goalkeepers score an extra two points for every clean sheet, three points per save and ten points for a penalty save.

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