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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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Breaking News Fantasy Football Community

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How to Play FPL Challenge

In this article we take a look at how to play FPL Challenge. The newly released game mode has stirred up some excitement within the community so as well as focusing on the basics we take a look at some of the loop holes we as players can benefit from using.

Learning how to play FPL Challenge is absolutely crucial in players attempts to win the weekly prizes. Although very similar to FPL it also has some significant differences and understanding them will help us navigate the rounds ahead.

What is FPL Challenge?

If you don’t know by now, FPL Challenge is a game mode, separate from FPL which allows it’s users to select a new team every week. Each week there will be a different Challenge. The weekly games will not tally up each week so users are able to miss any given round without it impacting them long-term.

Team Selection

As you can see, when it comes to team selection, it is similar to FPL. Managers are restricted to £100m budget (depending on the challenge) and can pick the same amount of players in each position when it comes to building teams.

One huge difference in comparison to FPL is that managers can select up to five players from each team.

Team management is also very similar to FPL in that players pick a 15 man squad, a vice captain, a captain who earns double points and the same formations.

However, some differences include being able to make unlimited changes to your team without hits and being able to make changes to players in-between games providing the players you are taking out and bringing in are yet to play yet.


Scoring is also identical to FPL as we can see in the graphic above. However, this can also change depending on the challenge.

Other significant similarities to FPL include red cards, how assists are awarded, own goals, penalties, clean sheets and bonus points.

Loop Holes and Strategies

The flexible deadlines mean that managers can take advantage of some loop holes in the system. These same loop holes could be critical to your overall weekly performances.

As we can below, some managers like @FPLReaction have figured out how to use those loopholes to their advantage. He also lists the three strategies FPL Challenge players can use each week to gain an edge.

What is the Gameweek 30 Challenge?

The first Challenge provided to fantasy managers is called ‘Unlimited Budget’ and it’s exactly what we would expect. Users can build a team with unlimited funds for the round ahead whilst also staying within the usual formational restrictions.

To read the rules in full you can use this link right here.

Check out which players are predicted to get the most points in Gameweek 30 in this article here.

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