Gameweek 8 Wildcards: A success?

Over the two week FPL break many managers have played their all important first Wildcards.

Have those chips been a success or would they have been better off had they not hit the button?

Fabio Borges

With £1.7m in the bank and a late wildcard on the Friday, it was potentially the Son Heung-min Covid rumours that forced Fabio’s hand.

Livramento’s points still remain benched as Dias came on for 18 minutes in their win over Burnley. With blanks for his three Brentford players as well as Lukaku, Fabio will be hoping for some Antonio magic on Sunday afternoon.

FLP Hints

Ash sold Coady as part of his Wildcard this week just ahead of his goal in Gameweek 8. With blanks for Lukaku, Ronaldo and Mbeumo as well as Dias’ benching and one point cameo Ash was very grateful for his two budget defenders this week.

FPL General

Like most managers who played their Wildcard this week, the FPL General also felt the pain of the Dias benching. It’s Mbeumo rather than Livramento’s points which come of the bench for Raphinha here too which is frustrating. Of his three Chelsea players it’s Chilwell who returns whilst Mount and Lukaku both blank.

FPL Strategy

FPL Strategy explained all of his decisions in this thread ahead of the deadline on Saturday lunchtime.

Livramento coming of the bench will have pleased FPL Strategy. However a no show from Armstrong and blanks from Hwang and Lukaku was not the best of starts for his new front three. Although De Bruyne’s goal in Gameweek 8 would have made that pill far easier to take.

FPL Tactician

FPL Tactician also felt the pain of the one point cameo this weekend for both Dias and James. However, Raphinha’s no show does mean that Livramento’s clean sheet points make an appearance from his bench. Foden’s assist will be very welcomed, especially with Lukaku blanking yet again.

FPL Raptor

The no-show for Armstrong means that Mbeumo will come off Raptors bench, however blanks for Lukaku, Toney and Mahrez, alongside a one point cameo for James and Dias was likely not the start he was hoping for. With Saka and Ramsdale to come the Arsenal boys could rescue Raptor’s Gameweek on Monday evening.

FPL Editor

Once again a Wildcard team with Dias and his one point cameo. Salah and Foden both performed well, however Armstrongs absence and Lukaku’s blank means the FPL Editor will be relying on Antonio to carry his front line.

FPL Comeback

FPL Comeback was on Twitter a lot during Saturday’s fixtures and commented on his Gameweek as the games were in motion.

Walker’s benching means that Livramento does come on alongside Mbeumo, however the blanks for Werner and Lukaku will hurt. With Antonio and Smith-Rowe to come FPL Comeback will be hoping they help his team make a comeback this Gameweek.

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