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Gameweek 4 best free hit team

With a new gameweek upon us we take a look at the free hit chip. Using the Fantasy Football Scout members area we can use the help of the season ticker and underlying stats to determine the gameweek 4 best free hit team.

The free hit chip in FPL allows managers, within the same budget and formational limits, to select a team for one particular gameweek. Managers can attack any given gameweek with the free hit whether that be to utilise a good set of fixtures, in-form teams or players or a mixture of it all. Experienced FPL managers usually tend to use the chip in blank gameweeks however.

Fixture ticker

The Fantasy Football season ticker has many benefits. FPL managers can select any period of fixtures whether that be one match, ten matches or however many we’d like to indicate which teams have the best fixtures in that given period.

We will look at gameweek 4 specifically to see which teams have the easiest fixtures to help us build the best free hit team for the round ahead.

Who has the best fixtures?

The top five teams who have the easiest fixture in gameweek 4 according to the season ticker are Arsenal, Brentford, Liverpool, Tottenham and Brighton. Teams like Leeds and Man City aren’t far behind either. Most of those teams are in really good form so in this particular case building a free hit based on the fixture ticker could be a good idea.

Who has the worst fixtures?

Crystal Palace rank the worst for fixture difficulty in gameweek 4 with a match against Man City. Bournemouth, Leicester, Fulham and Nottingham Forest make up the other four teams.

This is another scenario where all teams have been inconsistent so avoiding these teams when building the free hit could be ideal.

Best free hit team

Using the Live FPL website we can create a free hit draft that suits us. This won’t be permanent so make sure when it comes to actually confirming your free hit team you use the Official FPL website or app.


Brentford rank first on the fixture ticker with the easiest fixture. They play a struggling Everton which indicates £4.5m Raya as a great option for gameweek 4. £4m Ward is a playing goalkeeper and so sits on the bench. He is unlikely to come on but if needed could provide us with some points at least.


Liverpool rank third on the fixture ticker with a game against newly promoted side Bournemouth. Although it hasn’t been the best start defensively for Liverpool it’s very likely that changes. With Trent’s capabilities and ownership it could be an easy option.

£4.6m Saliba is a really cheap way into the Arsenal defence. He showed he can score and with a nice fixture against Fulham he could be a great enabler. £7.1m defender Cancelo is in nearly half of managers teams that play the game, playing for the best defence in the league its hard not to include him.

£5.5m Perisic goes to Nottingham Forest this gameweek. Spurs looked good defensively against Wolves and Perisic even better. Keeping an eye on if he’s fit is key. Wolves come up against Newcastle next. Although their opponents have started the season well Wolves have shown they can keep lots of clean sheets in the past. £4.5m Ait-Nouri makes the team due to that potential and because of his impressive expected goal involvement stats. He also helps enable the rest of the team.


£6.4m Arsenal midfielder Martinelli plays against Fulham next. The Brazilian continues his fantastic start to the season. His start is reflected in the fact he is Arsenals second highest scoring player in FPL, three points behind Gabriel Jesus.

£4.6m midfielder Da Silva also has a great fixture against Everton. His price means he enables the pricier options within the teams but also has the ability to both start and bring in attacking returns. Salah takes captaincy. The Egyptian has never failed to return against Bournemouth in the Premier League. After a purple patch in form Liverpool will be looking to get back to their best and its Salah that could benefit from that.


£11.4m Kane makes the team due to both his fixture and underlying stats. It could be tight between him and Haaland this week but ultimately the fixture looks better and he’s cheaper than the Man City forward.

Gabriel Jesus still remains the most owned player in the game at the time of writing. His fantastic form and underlying stats make it very difficult to leave the Arsenal man out.

Looking for some great differentials ahead of gamweek 4? We cover the best differential XI here.

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