Community XI: Double Gameweek 37 Preview

Gameweek 37 Preview

With the final double gameweek of the season upon us, the community are here with the Gameweek 37 preview. It’s all brought to you via Starting 11.

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Number 11. Fly

Liverpool are the only side from the Premier League top six without a Double Gameweek. Added to the mix is their Champions League semi-final involvement. FPL Fly suggests to the Gameweek 37 preview that it could be time to sell.

Number 22. Fix

The Triple Captain and Bench Boost chips are going to be popular options this week, for those managers who’ve managed to hold onto them for this long. The Fantasy Football Fix algorithm gives the optimal options for each of the chips.

Number 33. Coach

FPL Coach has identified three main player picks for the Gameweek 37 preview, including a cut price forward who will be relied upon to help his team avoid relegation. Of greater importance could be the teams to swerve this week.

Number 44. Pundits

The big question on many FPL managers minds, is what to do with Mo Salah. The FPL points leader has no double, and the temptation to jump ship for a premium midfielder with two games is high. Don’t forget that tasty Gameweek 38 fixture.

Number 55. Yirma

Fantasy YIRMA joins the Bang Average podcast, alongside the FPL Gaffer and Talkin Togga, to provide the Gameweek 37 preview. Players from both Manchester clubs are high on the agenda for the podcast team, ahead of the double.

Number 66. Tips

FPL Tips returns to the Gameweek 37 Preview, with his team selection. It’s clear that having plenty of Manchester City players in your side this week should pay off, with a pair of easy home games to celebrate lifting the Premier League trophy.

Number 77. 247

It’s the captain decision that’s providing the biggest headache this week. Kane was going to be the runaway contender on paper, but his recent form does throw up some questions. James talks form, fixtures and explosiveness for the article.

Number 88. Ben Dinnery

Another problem which has cropped up for FPL managers ahead of the double, is the injury picked up by Romelu Lukaku. There’s been no definitive news so far, but Ben Dinnery has an update of Mourinho’s comments post-match.

Number 99. Always Cheating

The hail cheaters are back to support you with all the Double Gameweek preparation. They identify teams with little to play for, in their latest podcast, and also weigh up the merits of those players fighting for the Triple Captain armband.

Number 1010. James Egersdorff

A double gameweek has meant double content for James, who’s provided two informative videos on his YouTube channel. Check out his thoughts on whether Harry Kane is worthy of the captains armband and which City players to own.

Number 1111. Connect

Finally, if you are still undecided on who to captain this week, then FPL Connect’s metric should help you decide. There’s three sources to consider, with community thoughts added and even some differentials if you fancy taking a late risk!

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