Gameweek 32 Wildcard Special

Gameweek 32 wildcard

With many of the community activating over the International Break, we bring this Gameweek 32 wildcard special to help you decide whether to wildcard and how to set up.Starting Eleven

Why should you wildcard?

With the double gameweeks on their way, confirmed for Gameweek 34 and predicted for Gameweek 37, many managers are setting up their squads to use the Bench Boost chip in one of these weeks to field up to 15 DGW players (or potentially 14 DGW players and the undroppable Mo Salah).

Plenty of managers activated their Gameweek 32 wildcard, prior to the fixtures being announced on Thursday, which has opened up a number of different strategies for the chips.

The latest community thought is to Bench Boost in the smaller Double Gameweek, using the Gameweek 32 wildcard, or possibly Gameweek 33, to set up a full squad of starters for this. However, the results of the poll could be skewed by those who went early!

If you choose to Bench Boost in DGW34, then a wildcard in Gameweek 32 or 33 will be needed. Those going with the presumed DGW37 will look to wildcard now or round Gameweek 35 or 36.

The situation is also influenced by whether you have the Free Hit or Triple Captain chip. The triple captain contenders look stronger for Double Gameweek 37.

Free Hit will be popular for the blank Gameweek 35. Plenty of premium options are available to load up on.

These aren’t the only chip combinations though.

Ultimately it looks like a 50/50 decision. Those who have already activated their wildcard are perhaps best using Bench Boost in Gameweek 34.

Those who haven’t activated, depends on their squad and chips for whether they wildcard now or wait.

How should you set up your wildcard team?

For those who have decided to activate and are looking to Bench Boost either in Gameweek 34 or 37, there’s some key players who ought to be considered, plus some who ought to be avoided. Who got the assist? have produced this helpful guide.

Ian Wilson has combined with Ben Crellin to look at the relative fixture difficulties over this period, to target players with the most favourable schedules. It has proved particularly popular.

The Official FPL Fixture Difficulty Rating is proving to be a popular stat among the community, including this interesting compilation from Fantasy Football Noise.

Despite the favourable schedule for some teams, managers should use a fair amount of caution surrounding those teams who have involvement in the FA Cup or European Cups.

3-5-2 looks to be the most popular option for the season run-in according to The Tinker Men. The selection of midfielders on offer is much more enticing than the strikers.

There’s plenty of advice on how to set up your Gameweek 32 wildcard team in the latest edition of the Fantasy Football Surgery podcast.

How should you set up without the Free Hit?

The Gameweek 32 wildcard set up becomes much more challenging to navigate for those who have already used their Free Hit chip.

Drew, FPL Phenomena and Utterly TC provide a couple of helpful strategies for consideration.

Many managers will need to adopt this strategy, according to current percentages provided by the Fantasy Football Fix algorithm.

What are the main dilemmas?

With plenty of premium options to select from the pool of players who have two double gameweeks, there are plenty of tough decisions to be made by managers. There are plenty of strong options in midfield, at either ends of the budget.

Those looking for a Manchester City midfielder have a tricky decision to make. Beware rotation once the Premier League title is secure, which could be as early as Gameweek 33.

Leicester assets look popular given their two doubles and there are some budget options in defence.

However, with very little to play for their motivation will be questionable.

Romelu Lukaku is currently the most transferred in player ahead of Gameweek 32, closely followed by Aubameyang, but there’s a word of warning from FPL Partirdge regarding his current output.

Those struggling to decide between a goalkeeper pairing could learn a lot from the statistics provided by El Statto.

There’s some important advice on maximising assets for your bench boost chip from FPL Junior.

With potentially 2 free transfers to be made between now and Double Gameweek 34, work backwards and forwards when setting up those wildcard squads.

It’s important not to overlook the main man Mo Salah, despite the fact that he has no double gameweek this season. He is head and shoulders above the rest, and more than capable of outscoring players who feature twice.

How are the community setting up?

After plenty of tinkering, some of the community are nearer to confirming their Gameweek 32 wildcard teams and you can see a selection of drafts here.

Site Situation?

Starting Eleven

The wildcard has beeen activated on the site team and we will be sharing the latest draft later this week! Be sure to check out the Fixture Charts for Gameweek 32.

Gameweek 32 Chart