Gameweek 32: community score predictions

Our community score predictions panel take a look at the Gameweek 32 fixtures. When making FPL decisions many FPL managers mentally predict the outcome of matches and use this to target players.


  • Who will win?
  • Will there be a clean sheet in this match?
  • How many goals can I see being scored?
  • How many players do I want to play in this game?

Gameweek 32 is the first Gameweek where no teams have blanked or doubled since Gameweek 15. In addition there are a number of huge ties at both the top and bottom of the league. Liverpool travel to Man City with the winner going top of the league. Meanwhile at the other end of the table Watford face Leeds and Norwich host Burnley.

Our community score predictions panel share their predictions for the matches and what this might mean for our FPL plans.

Gameweek 31

In Gameweek 31 the panel correctly predicted the result eight times. They also predicted the outcome correctly a further 17 times. All of the panelists correctly predicted that Liverpool would beat Watford, and Man City would beat Burnley.

El Statto correctly predicted the score in three fixtures, returning an impressive 10 points this week.

FPL Inzaghi was second with eight points. FPL Rabbi, FPL Shake n Bake and FPL Focus all returned five points.


To keep track on how our panel are doing we have awarded 3 points for a correctly predicted scoreline and 1 point for a correct outcome but with the wrong scoreline.

  1. El Statto 119
  2. FPL Shake n Bake 108
  3. FPL Inzaghi 105

Gameweek 32

Newcastle v Wolves (Fri 20:00)

Everton v Man United (Sat 12:30)

Arsenal v Brighton (Sat 15:00)

Southampton v Chelsea (Sat 15:00)

Watford v Leeds (Sat 15:00)

Aston Villa v Spurs (Sat 17:30)

Brentford v West Ham (Sun 14:00)

Leicester v Crystal Palace (Sun 14:00)

Norwich v Burnley (Sun 14:00)

Man City v Liverpool (Sun 16:30)

Community score predictions

Key talking points

The panel are predicting just 14 home wins, 28 aways wins and 18 draws this weekend.

All of the panel have predicted a win at Goodison for Man United. PilotFlame thinks the Arsenal game will be a draw, however the rest of the panel are expecting a win for the London team. The panel all think Spurs will return points in the hunt for top four football next season, although FPL Rabbi thinks they will only manage a draw. The panel are very split on the game at the top of the league. FPL Inzaghi, PilotFlame and EL Statto believe Man City will win, FPL Rabbi and FPL Focus thinks Liverpool will and FPL Shake n Bake is predicting a draw.

The panel are predicting just 18 clean sheets this weekend.

Community Chatter

FPL Shake n Bake

All eyes will be on what could be a title decider between Man City and Liverpool on Sunday, but I think its too tight a call to target the fixture for FPL purposes. With the quality on show in all positions, it could be anyone that is the player to have from the game.

One game that I am targetting will be Arsenal at home to Brighton. The Gunners need to win after falling below Spurs in the race for the top four this weekend. The Brighton defence has been particularly obliging recently, conceding 14 big chances in their last six Gameweeks. This is the fourth worst in the league. With Arsenal creating a chance every 6.1 minutes over their last six games, it looks like this game has the potential to see Arsenal score a few. My Captains armband will be going on Bukayo Saka due to this.

Another player I’m interested in buying this week is James Maddison. He looks to be hitting form for Leicester, with 30 FPL points in his last six games, and it will set you up nicely for Leicester’s upcoming doubles

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