Community XI: Gameweek 31 Preview

Gameweek 31 Preview

The biggest blank fixture list of the season is here: the community guide you through those chips and hits for the Gameweek 31 preview.

Starting Eleven

Number 11. Ben Crellin

Ben Crellin has been busy all year, predicting the fixtures and helping you prepare for the Gameweek 31 preview and longer term strategy. Here are the fixtures for the weekend, plus a look ahead to the double gameweeks. All should be revealed over the International Break.

Number 22. Ian Wilson

The options are depleted this week, with just eight teams involved. Ian Wilson goes through each club, to monitor the best options in terms of Form and PPM. According to the charts, there’s 32 players worth taking a hit for this week. A few interesting options appear here which are worth considering.

Number 33. Coach

Coach sits opposite the shirt of the best full back in the league, with his latest article for Daily Strikers. The Everton full backs are renowned for being premium attacking defensive options in FPL over the years, but there’s always the tough question of which is better. Will you be going Baines or Coleman?

Number 44. Chief

Some managers have the luxury of having all four chips available for the season run in. Chief shares the best option for utilising these, via the FPL Show. With no chip use for this week, hopefully you already have a fair representation of players this week without having to take a significant hit.

Number 55. Wingback

Many managers are toying with using the Free Hit chip for Gameweek 31, despite it not being the optimal deployment of the chips in theory. If you can field 7+ players without a hit, it might be worth saving, since the quality of players available in the later blank gameweek will be of a much higher calibre.

Number 66. Price Changes

The newest FPL chip can be challenging to understand. It’s prompted a lot of questions from the community on Twitter, so Price Changes has the essential guide for the Gameweek 31 Preview. There’s a close look at team value and future transfers.

Number 77. Fix

Plenty of low ownership players have caught the eye of managers ahead of this week. The Fantasy Football Fix algorithm selects an entire squad with less than 10% ownership, that has the capacity of big points, for the Gameweek 31 preview. These options could help you to make up ground in mini leagues.

Number 88. Let’s Talk FPL

In the latest YouTube video, Let’s Talk FPL provides a Q&A for the Gameweek 31 preview. The full back conundrum at Everton is dealt with, plus how to cope with depleted premium forward lines. There’s also a high risk/reward strategy to consider if you are using your Free Hit chip this week.

Number 99. Kernow

Salah leads the ownership charts by a long way, quickly followed by Firmino. Looking further down the list shows very low figures elsewhere and it’s hardly high profile players that make up these charts. Expect these percentages to increase somewhat ahead of the deadline.

Number 1010. Ben Dinnery

Harry Kane’s ankle injury was the main talking point from Gameweek 30 and Ben Dinnery lies next to his shirt to bring news of his injury. It doesn’t look good for Spurs and England: a Kane transfer out will need to be prioritised this week.

Number 1111. Connect

The Liverpool front three are the absolute standout options for the captains armband this week. Mo Salah will be captained by a huge percentage, but the options of Firmino and Mane are tempting for those trying to gain an edge. Is it a risk too many though?

Starting Eleven

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