Community XI: Gameweek 30 Preview

Gameweek 30 Preview

With just one week left until the biggest blank gameweek of the season, the community are getting prepared in the Gameweek 30 preview.

Number 1If you are shopping for a keeper for the blank, there are eight options to choose from. FPL Fly analyses the output of these players for the Gameweek 30 preview. If you don’t currently own a keeper with a blank fixture, check out the thread and conclusion on Twitter.

Number 2Ian Wilson features for the first time on the site, with fantastic analysis of all the Blank Gameweek 31 squads. All of the options are set out and ranked by their form and points per minute. It’s essential to check this out before making those all important transfers ahead of Gameweek 30.

Number 3It’s an important time to plan those transfers and many managers are deciding whether to take points hits to field a full team in Blank Gameweek 31 or be more conservative. Chief has an interesting analogy for those not taking a hit ahead of the blank. Hopefully you have a wildcard in your pocket!

Number 4The captain decision for Gameweek 30 favours Harry Kane, but it does present the opportunity to go with a captaincy differential. Fantasy Football Pundits takes stock of the FPL Tips YouTube squad for the Gameweek 30 preview, with potential transfers and statistics for that all important armband decision.

Number 5FPL Wingback, by name, has a big interest in our FPL defenders. Many are holding underperforming players, when clean sheets are scarce, in the hope that they will deliver attacking returns they are ‘due’. Smalling and Dunk finally met expectations in Gameweek 29, who will be next?

Number 6Always cheating are back with the latest edition of their excellent podcast, for the Gameweek 3o preview. The fixtures are under the radar as many managers are looking at just the next two games, to manage the blanks and then immediately wildcard afterwards. The Bonus Points System is analysed and it’s a hot topic in the community.

Number 7With players falling out of form and others facing blanks, FPL Updates & Tips share their views of who to keep/sell. Some players with a match next week face the chopping block, but season keepers like David De Gea are seen to be worthy of keeping their place in this varied schedule.

Number 8As always, Ben Dinnery brings all the important team news ahead of Gameweek 3o. There’s worrying news for those who have jumped on Andy Robertson ahead of the blank Gameweek, as he didn’t feature in the Champions League this midweek. He’s expected to be back for the weekend though.

Number 9The General returns, with episode 3 of the 59th Minute podcast. Find out which players are on his watchlist ahead of Gameweek 30 and 31, plus news of a looming deadline to get involved in one of FPL’s most competitive mini leagues. The captain decision for the next couple of weeks is put under the microscope.

Number 10Talking of captains, the options in Fantasy Premier League have become condensed. In a new format, Fantasy Football 247 have asked the community to share their captaincy thoughts for Gameweek 30 and we were honoured to be included here. It’s no coincidence that they take the Kane shirt this week!

Number 11Finally, as managers are scrambling to fit a Liverpool triple up into their teams ahead of the blanks, Yahoo have updated the attacking statistics of their front three. For those bringing in a defender, this should provoke some thought when trying to choose just two of these three star players.

Before you go, don’t forget to check out the condensed edition of the Form Vs Fixture Chart, which gives a helpful insight for the Gameweek 30 preview.

Gameweek 30 Charts