Gameweek 11 Team

Gameweek 11 Team

With 2 free transfers to play with, big decisions needed to be made for the Gameweek 11 team.

An out of form Mitrovic has been the main concern for the Gameweek 11 team.

Gameweek 11 Squad

Gameweek 11 Team

Life is tricky, within the top 5k of Fantasy Premier League, for any Gameweek 11 team. Currently ranked at 2k, with 0.2 million in the bank, free transfers have been burning a hole for a while. Last weekend the bold decision was made to burn a transfer, keeping faith with Richarlison, Alonso and Mitrovic. It was the right decision, with 2 of the 3 returning.

This week, it’s a similar situation: the defence are performing, with Ryan the ultimate budget set and forget in recent weeks, with top fixtures coming up. Laporte provides consistency at a lower price than the desired Alonso, Robertson and Mendy defence: Bennett and Wan-Bissaka remain excellent value for their initial 4.0 million starting price.

In attack, many of the squad players are performing: Hazard is fit for the weekend but may see limited minutes, but given his purchase at 10.6 million and excellent upcoming fixtures, we hold firm. Camarasa is the standout budget priced midfielder, with excellent fixtures and set piece responsibility.

Maddison and Mitrovic are the problem areas: Maddison has excellent underlying statistics and fixtures to go with them, so it seems sensible to hold for the time being. But what about Mitrovic?

Gameweek 11 Transfers

Plenty of transfers were considered ahead of Gameweek 11, mainly involving a transfer out for Mitrovic.

Arnautovic and Murray were considered as direct swaps, with a radical downgrade of Mitrovic to Success to increase funds elsewhere also considered. The final option was to burn the free transfer once again.

Hold Mitrovic? The advantages of staying put are that we can afford a single price drop, an away fixture to Huddersfield appeals, it’s the Monday Night Football game and having held this long, it seems reasonable to keep him for his last good fixture.

But the underlying statistics aren’t great, he looks frustrated and could just as easily get a red card as a goal. It’s a must win game for Fulham, with Cairney’s return to the team boosting their attack, but damages any hope of a Mitrovic penalty.

Buy Arnie? Arnautovic has been high on the list of potential acquisitions for several weeks, but with illness and an underlying knee injury reported widely, the move was decided to be too risky. It’s a great fixture this weekend, but a straight swap was out of reach by 0.1 million and no downgrades elsewhere in the squad appealed with the doubts.

Buy Success? Isaac Success as been hotly tipped by the community as the ultimate 4.5 million budget striker enabler. He would allow to push more funds into the midfield or defence, but he is a rotation risk. As the fixtures toughen and become more congested, we don’t want to be carrying any dead weight. It’s also tricky to move those funds back.

Buy Murray? Glenn Murray has been in form, as have Brighton, plus they have excellent fixtures: although many of these next 6 easy games are away from home where Brighton struggle. His underlying statistics are questionable, but Murray can return in pivotal set plays for the Seagulls and has penalties too.

Looking ahead to Gameweek 12, Mitrovic would definitely be sold from our squad, with Murray looking like the prime replacement. With Murray rising in price tonight and a free transfer potentially being wasted by standing still, the decision has been made to move now and be on the front foot with the flexibility of 2 free transfers next week too.

Mitrovic may still return in Gameweek 11, but he would have to outscore Murray by at least 4 points for the hold to be successful, which seems unlikely. Murray is the form man providing the goals for the Seagulls and Everton are conceding plenty of penalties.

Gameweek 11 Team

Here’s how we lineup for Gameweek 11, with Glenn Murray taking centre stage in our front line. The captain choice was simple following news of Eden Hazard’s minutes: Aguero takes the armband with Salah a worthy vice.

Gameweek 11 Team

To confirm the move, we replaced Mitrovic with Murray. We are ranked at 2k, with 2 Free Transfers for the upcoming Gameweek 12. To back up the move, check out the Gameweek 11 Form Vs Fixture Charts, where Murray’s Brighton take 2nd place, while Mitrovic’s Fulham sit in last place!