10 Community Content Features for Gameweek 10

Gameweek 10 preview

The Fantasy Football Community may be at its most active on twitter, but many are branching out onto other platforms! Here’s the highlights.

1. Fantasy Football Fix take to YouTube to give their Gameweek 10 Player Picks.

2. FF Surgery focus on City Rotation, which was a hot topic for us earlier this week.

3. FPL Sketchy also has Man City in mind with his latest drawing.

4. Football Fan Cast are considering high and low value midfield options.

5. FPL Tips provides his team and transfer tips for Fantasy Football Pundits.

6. The 3 Bonus Pints is back with a dissection of one of my wildcard drafts.

7. FPL TV has the points predictor for Gameweek 10.

8. FPL Family are back with a new episode and another unhappy face!

9. FanFeud combines with the community to bring their latest podcast, and we get a behind the scenes look.

10. JNO United has the live Q&A

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