Is Ben Davies essential in FPL?

Ben Davies

Community Tweets: Ben Davies is taking the Fantasy Premier League world by storm! He’s the 3rd highest FPL points scorer and the highest scoring defender. The community have been discussing his success so far and many FPL managers are trying to get him in on their wildcard.

Fantasy Football Ted has been producing some excellent radar charts, Ben Davies compares favourably against the other high scoring FPL defenders. His chances created and successful crosses statistics are impressive and are better than the other premium defender counterparts.

Fantasy Football Fix are the go to source for all FPL stats, it’s pretty conclusive from them on the defender choice front! Ben Davies is bossing all of their charts. Get a subscription for their site to customise the stats that you’re most interested in!

El Statto has more great graphics for us on premium defenders, Ben Davies is bossing it there too! It is also worth noting that he is at the cheaper end of the ‘Top Performk g Defenders’ too, with a decent saving from Antonio Valencia and Cesar Azpilicueta.

But is Ben Davies a rotation risk? Ben Dinnery has been charting the return of Danny Rose, as you can see we’ve been waiting rather a long time and the date keeps being put back! He has been out injured for nearly 9 months now.

Even when he does become available, it’s going to be tough for him to get his starting berth back!

UPDATE: Danny Rose was pictured back in training on Wednesday 11th October. We’ve had no word yet of when he will be match fit, and he did look a little out of shape, but it does cast a shadow of doubt over the security of Ben Davies place in the starting 11 given the congested fixture schedule.


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