Fixture swings

FPL managers like to assess which teams have the best and worst start to the Premier League season when setting up their squads. However, managers should also take in to account fixture swings. Fixture swings are were a teams fixtures take turns, for both the better or worst. Highlighting positive and negative fixture swings means managers can plan for changes in team personal. We look at the key fixture swings for the 2022/23 season.

Spotting fixture swings can be really useful for FPL managers. Having an insight into when teams are entering good runs of fixtures can give managers the opportunity to invest early. It also allows managers to consider selling players when their fixtures take a swing for the worst. Over the course of the season there are a number of clubs with periods of fixture swings.

Spotting fixture swings is relatively easy when you look at the use the Fantasy Football Scout Fixture Ticker. The Fixture Ticker allows managers to sort the fixtures and easily spot the fixture swings.

There are a number of stand out fixture swings that FPL managers should consider at different points of the season.


Southampton fixtures Gameweek 16 to Gameweek 23. Courtesy of Fantasy Football Scout

Southampton play Liverpool in Gameweek 16. After this they have a lovely run of fixtures that FPL managers could invest in. The fixture swing accounts for seven Gameweeks. It also comes at a point in the season where FPL managers will know who the form players to invest in are.


Arsenal fixtures Gameweek 22 to Gameweek 29. Courtesy of Fantasy Football Scout

Arsenal have a fantastic start to the season and look highly investable for Gameweeks 1-8. They also have a nice fixture swing later in the season. Arsenal face Spurs and Man United in Gameweeks 20 and 21. After this they have a nice fixture swing through to and including Gameweek 29. This ends in Gameweek 30 with a match against Liverpool.


Chelsea fixtures Gameweek 25 to Gameweek 37. Courtesy of Fantasy Football Scout

Chelsea play spurs in Gameweek 25 and then have an attractive run over fixtures all the way through to Gameweek 36. By this stage of the season Chelsea could be in the race for the title still and therefore this would be an attractive fixture run for managers to target.


Spurs fixtures Gameweek 22 to Gameweek 32. Courtesy of Fantasy Football Scout

Tottenham face Man City in Gameweek 21. After this they then have a nice run of fixtures until Gameweek 32. Whilst Spurs will face Chelsea in Gameweek 25 the rest of the fixtures in the run look highly investable. In addition the London derbies can still be high scoring affairs and therefore holding a Spurs attacking player for this fixture would be promising.

There are lots of shorter fixture swings too over the course of the season. These can be found by looking for the colour blocks on the Fantasy Football Scout Fixture Ticker.

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