Fantasy Champ Man GW3 preview: Fixture Swings

With season three of Fantasy Champ Man underway, expert David (@FPL_Gills) is here to provide regular advice to the FPL community.

This week, I’m taking a look at the upcoming fixtures over the next twelve weeks. Whatever your strategy, it’s worth planning ahead and looking at opportunities to get ahead of the pack.

In Fantasy Champ Man, form counts for nothing. Yet match-ups are incredibly important, so if a striker hasn’t scored for six games but is up against a poor defender, you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll score. Therefore, fixtures are more important than in FPL, with points somewhat easier to predict.

I’ve sorted the clubs into groups with similar fixture runs to aid with how you plan to use upcoming transfers.


If you’re not Wildcarding in Gameweek 5, these clubs have brilliant fixtures and have players worth buying now. Thierry Henry can score home or away and Leeds assets can be held right through until the second half of the season. If you need a cheap enabler in midfield, Kevin Nolan (£4.5m) at Norwich looks a great option. Middlesbrough are fine for two weeks – consider getting a striker short-term, then returning to them from Gameweek 10.


Many people are planning to Wildcard in Gameweek 5 due to the fixture swings. Chelsea (premium defence), Man Utd (full of premium assets) and Sunderland (budget defence, Kevin Phillips) all have great runs for at least eight weeks.

Bradford, Watford and Everton aren’t blessed with attractive assets but there will be a few budget options or gems which may work with your squad. Keep an eye on Hyde, Petkov and Unsworth.


There’s an argument for holding the Wildcard until Gameweeks 7 or 8 to take advantage of fixture swings for Liverpool and Bolton, plus the downturn for Arsenal and Aston Villa. It also takes full advantage of the double gameweeks for Chelsea and Blackburn.


I’d advise holding off assets from these clubs until the season gets deeper. All five struggle to defend well and the fixtures looks pretty tough for now. It may be worth considering a striker such as Stefan Selakovic or Darren Huckerby if it fits for a couple of weeks but, on the whole, there’s not too much out there to tempt us for now. Ipswich have some decent budget options but there are alternatives out there with better fixtures.

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