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Expert insight: What can we learn from Pras?

We had a chat with Pras to get some expert insight, find out what his strategy has been so far this season and what his plans are for the coming Gameweeks.

Pras is a big part of the FPL Twitter community and hosts video series Burning Questions stream with FPL Sonaldo. He has landed in the top 10k three times and in the last five seasons has finished at 4k*, 12k, 32k, 4k and 23k.

How is your season going, Pras?

Very happy with the season so far. I was stuck between 35-50k since Gameweek 13. Then the Gameweek 26 Wildcard shot me up to 2.8k by Gameweek 29. A disastrous Gameweek 30 means I am down to 4.5k but still very happy. I also have a Free Hit chip left for the run in.

How often are you taking hits this season? Is that more than you would normally take?

I am normally not hits-averse but this season has definitely has had more of them. Firstly due to the Covid postponement, where a hit would remove a non-player. Then, for Double Gameweeks 26, 28 and 29. Generally, these hits have paid off for me this season. I have taken -48 points worth and more will come as I navigate Gameweeks 31-38 without a Wildcard.

How are you deciding who wears the captain’s armband? Form/fixtures/historic record against opposition etc.

Fixtures are the number one factor for me. Then the player’s form is secondary. I loosely translate form as good underlying data reaping productive output. I put little-to-no emphasis on historic records of players, personally.

Which chips do you have left and when are you planning to use them? 

I have one Free Hit chip left. Current plan is to use it in Gameweek 36 or 37. But I am keeping an open mind towards Gameweek 33 as well, in case there are issues in my team (like we all had pre-Gameweek 30).

What are your plans for Gameweek 31?

For a change, I am very clear on my moves. I have the exact money for Raul Jimenez and Lucas Digne to Wout Weghorst and Joao Cancelo. Both are good transfers for the medium term. Plus, with Cancelo complementing my back line of Reece James, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Andrew Robertson and Matt Doherty, I think I have a good long-term backline for the run-in.

Who are you scouting over the international break?

Mostly hoping my players stay injury-free! I am especially looking at Mohamed Salah’s progress, James’ rehab and of course the Alexander-Arnold and Aaron Ramsdale injuries. Although I would be happy to bench Ramsdale (for Jose Sa), James (for Armando Broja) and Trent (for Matt Doherty) if needed.

Should managers captaining a Double Gameweek player in Gameweek 31? Or stick to an in-form single Gameweek player?

Harry Kane and Salah – with the great home fixtures – appeal more than any Double Gameweek player to be honest. I don’t even see the usual upside amongst these Everton or Burnley players.

Who has been your best and worst transfer in so far this season?

Best one is surely bringing in Reece James on the Gameweek 7 Wildcard and again in Gameweek 28 when I captained him! So many points at such low ownership as well.

Worst one so far is Gabriel Martinelli. Even though he looks great, I had him for all the blanks from Gameweeks 19-23, then his red card in Gameweek 24. I got him back in for Gameweek 29, only for him to miss Gameweek 30! We go again in Double Gameweek 33 – hopefully my loyalty is rewarded!

What is your preferred system at the moment?

Definitely having four at the back. There is just so much value in the Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City wingbacks. Then I suppose it’s a case of 4-4-2 or 4-5-1, depending on fixtures.

Which Premier League teams does Pras think FPL managers should be looking to target over the next four-to-five Gameweeks?

Most have already invested in Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs. They definitely appear to be the teams to target. Chelsea also look like decent options, although player rotation is a worry. Man City too, however maybe it is enough to just own Cancelo for the moment. Personally, I wouldn’t double up on anyone else for the next few Gameweeks.

What is your target for the end of the season?

I’m not one to set targets, generally. To use the old cliché of taking each week as it comes. But I’d love to finish in the top 10k again, after missing out by two points last season.

Finally, one piece of FPL advice from Pras…

Don’t get blinded by bad Double Gameweeks. Let’s learn from our recent mistakes with Everton, Brentford, Watford and Burnley.

One of Pras’ teams to target is Spurs. We have taken a look at the Spurs assets to see who we should invest in.

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