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Expert insight: What can we learn from FPL Reactions (Louis)?

We had a chat with FPL Reactions (Louis) to get some expert insight, find out what his strategy has been so far this season and what his plans are for the coming Gameweeks.

FPL Reactions is part of the Scout Network. He is a big part of the FPL Twitter community and hosts a podcast for Dream Team Tonic. FPL Reactions is a regular blogger and produces some excellent content, including for the UCL game.

How is your season going, FPL Reactions (Louis)?

After a dreadful start to the season I managed to claw myself back to around 150k. Currently reaping the rewards from a Wildcard. My aim is now to at least get into the top 100k. 

How often are you taking hits this season? Is that more than you would normally take?

I’m quite a conservative manager in terms of hits. However, this season with Covid postponements and plenty of doubles to navigate I have already taken double the amount of hits I normally do. 

How are you deciding who wears the captain’s armband? Form/Fixtures/Historic record against opposition etc 

With Salah’s current form it’s really hard to look past him in any given week. However, if teams have a Double Gameweek ahead and Salah has a tougher fixture I will go with the doubling player. For example I avoided Salah v West Ham in Gameweek 28 and captained Coutinho who played twice. 

Which chips do you have left and when are you planning to use them? 

After deciding to use the Wildcard to attack Gameweeks 28,29 and 30 I still have a Free Hit and my Bench Boost remaining. The Free Hit is planned for Gameweek 33, which it is predicted to be both a Doubles and Blank Gameweek. The Bench boost will be used in Gameweek 36 as that looks likely to be the biggest double of the season.

How are you planning to target Blank Gameweek 30?

As mentioned already I played my Wildcard in Gameweek 28 to attack the weeks ahead. This has put me in a position where I will have nine playing players and could even get to 10 or 11 with transfers. However, having 11 players could unbalance my team moving forward so for that reason I’ll likely just play 10 players for Gameweek 30.

If you were free hitting this week who would be your starting XI?

For game week 29 there’s a couple of doubles for teams, I’d be looking at a team similar to this: 


Robertson, Alexander-Arnold, Doherty 

Salah, Saka, Kulusevski, Gordon, Willock 

Kane, Lacazette 

Although there are some great single Gameweek players this is the team I’d likely go with. 

Who does FPL Reactions (Louis) think is the best captaincy pick for Gameweek 30?

Salah springs to mind immediately. However, I do think there is a strong argument for the in form Harry Kane, Brighton seem to be defensively declining and Kane will be motivated for a big game against Manchester United. My decision could go down to the wire with this one. 

Who has been your best and worst transfer in so far this season?

My best transfer is quite hard to pick. There have been a few that have done really well especially lately with Kane and Coutinho. However, my favourite was bringing in Bruno Fernandes when the majority owned Ronaldo, Bruno went on to eclipse Ronaldo in terms of points around that time. 

My worst transfer is the transfer that had the biggest negative impact on my season long term was Havertz against Norwich. This was hugely season defining because I put the captaincy in him 20 seconds before the deadline and took it off Salah.

What is your preferred system at the moment?

I have to say that for the majority of the season it has fluctuated between 4-5-1 and 3-5-2 because of the sheer value in midfield this season. That contributing to the fact I’ve played most of this season with five midfielders.

Also big at the back has factored in playing four at the back with the likes of Cancelo, James, Ruidger, Alexander-Arnold, etc the list goes on. The forwards have been really poor this season too.

Which Premier League teams does FPL Reactions (Louis) think FPL managers be looking to target/double up on over the next 4-5 Gameweeks?

Chelsea – The defence looks like it’s strengthening again and the fixtures are fantastic albeit they blank in 30 they should have a lot of FPL managers attention. Keep an eye on Tuchel’s update on Reece James though as if he is out longer term this could impact who FPL managers pick.

Burnley – Although not performing at their best, Burnley have matches to be rescheduled and potential Double Gameweeks ahead. Their assets are also really cheap enablers, so they are worth taking into account. 

Liverpool – Chasing the title Liverpool will be looking to win every game and win well. With a Double Gameweek ahead and good fixtures in the next 4-5 they should be up there. 

Spurs – With Conte now turning the screw in terms of making Spurs play the way he wants their assets are proving to be attractive. With a further fixture to be rearranged and great long term fixtures returns look promising. Spurs are also a term which can be invested in to suit managers budgets. Kane and Son have premium price tags, but cheap assets like Doherty and Kulusevski make Spurs assets an easy investment and a must. 

Arsenal – A Double Gameweek, great defensive and cheap offensive assets, Arsenal assets are a no brainer for your FPL teams. 

What is your target for the end of the season?

Top 100k is my target. That has been shifting considerably lately due to transfers, captaincies and chips boosting me up the ranks, but I feel too 100k after a terrible season would be respectable. 

One piece of FPL advice from FPL Reactions (Louis)…

Don’t beat yourself up if you’re having a season that hasn’t matched your expectations, there’s plenty of seasons ahead so just try to enjoy the journey you’re on. 

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