Community XI Round Up: Wildcards

Gameweek 8 is proving a popular time to hit the Wildcard button across the community.

There’s been some great Wildcard content across the community with Content Creators suggesting the best Wildcard picks and FPL managers sharing their teams.

I. FPL Strategy

FPLStrategy has created an excellent thread on different potential Wildcard structures.

II. FPL Mihir

FPL Mihir has been assessing how you fit three premium FPL assets into your team and the best £6.5m and under enablers to help you achieve the three premium dream without compromising you 15 man squad.

III. FPL Nymfria

FPL Nymfria did a Live Q&A over on her YouTube channel featuring David Munday all about Wildcards and the best options for those managers playing the chip ahead of Gameweek 8.

IV. FPLFamily

FPLFamily‘s Sam has had a busy international break producing not one but three videos on Wildcard players. Each of the videos takes a look at a different position, starting with Goalkeepers and defenders in the first video, midfielders in the second and forwards in the last, where she shows the team she would create if she was wildcarding this week.

V Fantasy Football Scout

Neale, Tom and Marc have been busy producing some excellent articles over on Fantasy Football Scout, all about Wildcard teams and players to target all carefully divided up into the different positions so FPL managers can easily find everything they need to make the best choices

The best FPL midfielders for a Gameweek 8 Wildcard

VI Jumpers for Goalposts

Over on Jumpers for Goalposts, El Statto and his writers have also been thinking all things wildcards with their The ABC FPL Transfer Guide – Wildcard: Agents of Midfield Edition 2021/22

The ABC FPL Transfer Guide Midfield Edition

VII FPL Architect

FPL Architect has produced a detailed Wildcard thread taking into account fixture runs, as well as players to avoid, budget enablers and everything FPL managers need to build a successful Wildcard.

VIII Pilot Flame

Pilot Flame produced a video over on his YouTube channel all about Wildcard drafts looking at lots of potential options.

IX FPL Raptor

FPL Raptor has been talking his followers through his wildcard in his latest video. He’s even considered if it is possible to build a wildcard team with four premium options.

X Let’s Talk FPL

This week Andy published a video on his YouTube channel where he rated different wildcard drafts talking about templates and the differences between a wildcard now and one played ahead of Gameweek 7.

XI FPL Blackbox

Mark and Az were joined by Andy from Let’s Talk FPL on this week’s FPL Blackbox to discuss all things Wildcard!

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